apple cider caramels

Apple Cider Caramels

Posted on Dec 30th, 2010

Last month, when Big Y was offering their Buy 1 Get 2 Free sale on apple cider, I stocked up and decided to reduce some of that deliciousness into a…

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bacon frangelico toffee

Bacon Frangelico Toffee for A Shower for Marnely!

Posted on Dec 9th, 2011

“And …I said YESSSSS!” It happened one November midnight, in Twitterverse, we saw this tweet from our dear Nelly... Without missing a beat, we…

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Butterscotch Avalanche Bars are a melding of two favorites into one treat that exceeds the sum of its parts!

Butterscotch Avalanche Bars

Posted on Dec 13th, 2015

For two years, I've been trying to think of a way to incorporate one of my essential holiday treats into my seasonal posts. Not in an…

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cake batter cookie dough truffles

Cake Batter Truffles

Posted on Apr 1st, 2011

  Ever since I visited Momofuku Milk Bar Midtown in New York City, I've been dreaming of their birthday cake truffles. Searching the internet…

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brown sugar bacon

Candied Bacon

Posted on Jan 11th, 2011

Bacon... those tasty strips of piggy flesh that could bring a man to his knees, weeping for joy. Thick or thin, crispy or chewy, there's just no way…

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Chocolate Cinnamon Bourbon Truffles - poet in the pantry

Chocolate Cinnamon Bourbon Truffles

Posted on Dec 15th, 2014

These Chocolate Cinnamon Bourbon Truffles are bittersweet with a touch of heat and oh-so-addictive! Special thanks to The Baddish Group for sending…

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Chocolate Malt Marshmallows

Chocolate Malt Marshmallows

Posted on Jan 1st, 2012

Marshmallows--and by extension, candy-making--are a great metaphor for life. You want a sweet treat, so you decide to whip up a batch of something,…

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eggnog caramels

Eggnog Caramels

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2011

I hated missing Week 9 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies & Sweets. Truly loathed having to do it. But with Thanksgiving falling on the same…

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Not Quite English Toffee

English Toffee

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012

It's been one of those push-push-push yourself weeks. I decided to challenge myself by committing to a few more projects, but they all converged this…

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Ginger Orange Chocolate Truffles are an easy confection you can easily make yourself for gift-giving--or just plain eating!

Ginger Orange Chocolate Truffles

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015

Disclosure: I developed this recipe in partnership with Gourmet Garden, who compensated me for this post. All opinions remain my own. Thank you for…

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homemade candy canes

Homemade Candy Canes

Posted on Dec 1st, 2013

With Christmas only a few weeks away, we decided to try our hands at making candy canes this month for First on the First--a terrifying challenge, at…

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Kahlua Pumpkin Spice Fudge and Martini - poet in the pantry

Kahlúa Pumpkin Spice Fudge and Martinis

Posted on Nov 27th, 2013

There’s very little I won’t try to add alcohol to. Not only is the idea just appealing to me in the most general sense, but it can often give a…

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peanut butter & chocolate fudge

PB & Fudge

Posted on Sep 2nd, 2011

I am so happy my kids don't have peanut allergies. Peanut allergies are no joke and I'm not trying to make light of anyone's condition--I know it is…

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Peppermint Bark is an easy Christmas treat to make for gifting or grabbing for yourself!

Peppermint Bark

Posted on Dec 7th, 2015

Can you believe it? There are less than 3 weeks left until Christmas! How did this happen? This year, I've teamed up with over 35 other bloggers for…

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon is a version of pig candy featuring a kick from TABASCO Sweet & Spicy Sauce. Elevate your pig candy! {sponsored post}

Sweet and Spicy Candied Bacon (aka Pig Candy)

Posted on Aug 28th, 2016

Disclosure: I developed this recipe for Sweet and Spicy Candied Bacon (aka Pig Candy) in partnership with TABASCO, who compensated me for this post.…

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Traditional Penuche

Posted on Oct 1st, 2013

Penuche is a favorite Fall treat. Often spied at fudge stands at the various Fall festivals and fairs, I've always associated it with this time of…

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