Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

I am no expert gardener, though I did work for a well-known mail order nursery for several years and gained quite a bit of knowledge while there. This year, however, I’m really excited about our container garden. It’s not that I have suddenly morphed into a green thumb. It’s more that I love sharing the experience with my family, for it has become a family project. My daughter and son helped select the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that we are growing. My daughter and husband assisted with the potting. My son and daughter water the plants for me every morning–and they love doing it! I can’t wait until our work starts paying off and they can see for themselves the rewards for it. Sure, we don’t have a huge plot with a lot of variety, but there are benefits to that as well. We will work with what we have and be happy with it. For how could we not be when we’re surrounded with life, vibrantly green and thriving? It’s all good.

I will write posts from time to time about the garden, all of which are tagged appropriately so you can find them easily. If you’re interested in a visual buffet, you can check out the gallery below. Maybe it will inspire you to get your own hands a little dirty and grow something of your own!