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As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a published author. My professional life never really aligned with this dream, however. In 2007, I returned to college to pursue a BA in English. I was a stay-at-home mom to two young children and losing my mind to PBS and ABCs. I needed a life again.

In the Fall of 2010–what was supposed to be my last semester at UCONN–I made a last minute overhaul of my schedule. Inspired by a series of conversations I had with an old friend from high school, I recognized finally what was missing from my life: creative pursuits.

That semester, I signed up for Shakespeare I, Medieval Literature, Creative Writing, and, for fun, Math for Business & Economics Majors. It turned out to be exactly what I needed. Well, minus the math course (though I did finally learned how to calculate compounded interest that semester, too).

It was through Doug Anderson’s guidance in that Creative Writing course that I found the confidence to write again. Because of him, I decided to take matters into my own hands and publish myself. It was long overdue. Poet in the Pantry was born.

View from the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan

It started with poetry, just like it sounds. Local events were mixed in. But the pull toward food–and its ability to center me–couldn’t be denied, and by December 2010, Poet in the Pantry was transformed into the blog you see today.

Since that time, I have been afforded many incredible opportunities that have been life-changing. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sabra, Jones Dairy Farm, Gourmet Garden, and more, developing recipes for products I already love and use. I participated in a knife skills class at the Culinary Institute of America. I ate my way through South Beach, Florida. I spent a few nights in Mexico City. I never would have envisioned my life could be this.

My writing has also grown. On top of having my posts shared on Cosmopolitan, Babble, Buzzfeed Food, Country Living, and Parade, I have contributed pieces to The Daily Meal and The Cookful. There’s even one of my recipes in a print cookbook that’s for sale on Amazon!

My focus may have shifted in more recent years, but my heart remains in the game. Food, photography, and writing will always be a part of my world.

Have something to say? You can reach me at poetinthepantry@gmail.com or on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well!

Having a little fun in the sun at Barceló Maya Beach Resort in Mexico