1. Laydean Hayes

    I had never cruise before, this will be my first in December 2019…looking forward to great time…

  2. Danielle Richardson

    This was the best review I have ever read. This was very detailed and thorough. Very helpful to first time cruisers or first time on Elation. Thank you so much for this detailed review it was just amazing.

  3. Mabel Brenner

    I’ve cruised now 7 times..I was leery of Carnival with hearing some negative stories from other cruisers on the competitors I’ve been on., the other 5…
    But in 2018..I went solo..and because I had to pay X2 ..I decided to try Carnival with reservations…But..I went on the Sensation.. and I had probably Thee…best vacation..ever..might be due to going solo, but I had a great time ..The entertainment was awesome. The food was delicious. My dining table mates were all women pretty much in my age range and we all had great dinner conversations each evening……and I loved my spacious room….I had an inside..porthole.view…the bed was so comfortable..I cannot say enough good things of how much I enjoyed going on Carnival..has given me a whole new outlook on the cruise line..
    So I went again this year 2019..in April on the Carnival Conquest…
    That was also a wonderful cruise vacation..
    So I think I will stick with Carnival…not only are the prices good, but you get a very spacious room, good meals, entertainment great crew and staff to attend to you….but a wonderful beautiful ship…and ALOT of FUN..
    they call it the FUN ship..and it is…
    Loved your detailed vacation article..very nice..

  4. Queen Anderson

    I thoroughly enjoyed your detailed review on the Elation as my family will be doing a reunion cruise on this ship November 2020. Who knows, maybe more renovations by then. My husband and I just returned (9/24) from cruising on the Fantasy, oldest in the fleet and number 25 for me on Carnival. I have a pretty milestone card from that sailing. I had reservations because of the ship’s age but happy to report that it was absolutely wonderful and if you didn’t know she was 30 years old, you wouldn’t because of the renovations. Lastly, I cruised Carnival the first time in 1984 on the TSS Festivale, Quad Cabin E155, and we were in Heaven.
    Talking about sweet sweet memories.
    Keep writing and sharing your adventures. Some people will only vacation through your travel blog.

  5. Lynn

    We just finished our cruise on Elation two weeks ago. We absolutely loved it. It was our first cruise. Everything has updated even more than the pictures shown. Rooms were very spacious and clean, food was delicious and entertainment was awesome. The whole trip was amazing. Enjoy!!!!

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