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  1. Diane Wells

    We just came back from Fla. We stayed at the Coronado. The Breakfast Buffet at Bombay is the best in the park! We went to the viewing areas outside just as they were letting the animals out of the night enclosure. We saw so many, very close up!! It was awesome!! We went again to the Safari Ride. Many animals out and about then, to. I recommend the Yak and Yeti for lunch after the Safari tour. Very good! Seven days of awesomeness. Oh, also, if you are a person who has food allergies Disney is by far the best possible place to eat! They always ask if you would like to speak to the chef before you order. They have gluten free menus in all eateries and have GF snack carts in many places in each of the various parks!! I have never been sick eating at Disney!!

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