1. 🙁

    I’m no doctor but based on what you described with your highs and lows you sound like my friends (when not medicated) who are bipolar. Luckily medication really does help with that.

    I hope they get it all figured out for you.

  2. S

    Holy hard post to write, Batman. You have my eternal patience. You have wonderful things oozing out of your cells. Getting your mind back on track and where you can find peace and enjoyment again will bring you so many rewards. You’re so brave for facing this head on. I love our friendship and will be here whether you’re up, down or sideways.

  3. Caroline

    I had no idea you were going through this and I feel terrible. Probably because I’ve actually been limiting my time on social media too. It really does trigger anxiety…especially now. I hope you find something that helps ease this pain. My heart goes out to you. Here if you need someone to vent to. xo

  4. Robin

    Standing on that ledge is frightening, and the real bravery is asking for and pursuing the help you need. You have love and support surrounding you, you are not a failure and courageous. It takes time to work through it, be sure to give yourself permission to take what you need. I am on your side Carrie. I have seen the darkness… You can do this!

  5. Sarah

    All the hugs and support in the world. From one gal who speaks openly about “secret health stuff” to another – I am beyond proud of you. There is no shame and no failure in anything you are experiencing. You are not your diagnosis – you are you and you is an awesome person. We’re here for support – call out to us when it gets overwhelming or you need a vent session or when you’re not even sure what you need. And if I can help provide any sort of resources for you or your family, please let me know. LOVE YOU <3

  6. Linda Salamacha

    As I read your post I thought maybe you could be bipolar.Sarah has fought depression and anxiety disorder since she was 15. At first she resisted getting help but than she got that she needed it.She didn’t have the highs and lows that your having but she did have lots of trouble sleeping.There is help out there.Sometimes you have to try a few different people before you find the right one to help you.And remember no one can help the whole world but trust there are enough good people out there doing what they can.It does add up.They will all be out in 4 years.For now I’ve decided whenever I have a little extra I will make a donation to an organization that helps animals ,people or the environment and I have let my representatives know how I feel .2 republicans voted against Betsey Devos because the people let them know how they felt.I know she still got in but it sent a message.Right now your job is to take care of yourself and get well.People are fighting the battle and some reps. will be up for elections in 2 years.Let go for now and fight for your health.Love ,Aunt Linda

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