• Louise Bishop

      5 stars
      My best summer adventure was hiking to the “Bridge to Nowhere” in the San Gabriel Mountains, CA.

    • Debra Fox

      5 stars
      We bought a new house after 31 years at the same house. We downsized and it was actually fun going through things that you have saved over the years and wonder why. LOL Brought back a lot of great memories too! Recipe looks yummy

  1. 4 stars
    Love this smoothie combo. Cannot wait to make it. Smoothies are definitely a go-to breakfast for me. As for something fun I’ve done recently … Well I got to share breakfast ideas on Good Morning CT Weekend this Saturday where I in fact talked about making a smoothie bowl. πŸ™‚

  2. 4 stars
    Something fun I’ve done lately? Other than spend far too much time on facebook, lol? I’ve been getting ready for Fall season blogging by working on a bunch of quick bread, muffin and cookie recipes. Now I need a blender to make nutritious smoothies in πŸ˜› (yours sounds amazing, btw!)

  3. This weekend we came up to my dads for our third annual pig roast. The tradition started after the passing of my grandparents for a way my dad and uncle to get together with family members that are close by. My grandfather would have loved to be part of this, that’s for sure. It has grown into more than a family reunion now; it’s a huge group of family, friends, coworkers, etc. We prep a few days in advance for most of the items we’ll need. Every year my dad and I make our spicy dill pickles (always the first think to go!), I make my mayo-less Cole slaw, and so much more. This blender would be perfect for making some BBQ sauce for next year

  4. Ellen Casper

    The smoothie sounds delicious. I went to Carrowinds amusement park with my neoghbor and her 4 kids!

  5. Andrew Dearling

    I ran a mile with and against my friends. Might not sound fun, but it’s an awesome distance and I’m super happy with the time I ran it in 5m32s πŸ˜€

  6. Michael

    5 stars
    We want to start blending our breakfasts, the wolf would help get us started.

    Something fun… I just got a new smoker, been having fun smoking everything: ribs, pork loins, meatloaf, mac’n cheese, and veggies.

  7. Brandon Curtis

    4 stars
    Last Thursday night/Early Friday morning, I watched the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. The moon set around 1:00EST and I drove about 30 miles west of the city I live in. Not a certified DarkSky.org location, but it was dark enough. We were seeing about 40-50 meteors an hour with the naked eye until about 5:30am EST. I have seen meteor showers before, but this one was special. Gave me a great perspective of things.

  8. Rosie

    5 stars
    Went for a drive in the country with a picnic lunch. Stopped at a flower farm and a couple other nice places, honey, too.

  9. Tabor Hill

    5 stars
    I’m a vicious admirer of fruit smoothies and I seem to go through blenders like crazy. This one looks absolutely awe-inspiring. I’d love to give it a whirl, pun intended. Haa. As for something fun I’ve done recently — my daughter recently had her Make-A-Wish program wish granted and my family (5 of us) got to go to Disney World in Florida! She loved every second of it. It was our first full family vacation, as well. Very amazing program!

  10. Susan

    5 stars
    I just bought a house! The fun is just beginning! As a retired designer, I’m going crazy with color!! I also need a new smoothie machine! That one is ony wish list!! FUN FUN FUN!!

  11. Took a walk along the Intracoastal with a friend I don’t get to spend much time with this morning. It was hot and humid, as is the status quo here these days, but the conversation and company made it well worth the sweat! Think I’ll adapt this smoothie for my husband’s morning driving-to-work breakfast — adding coffee + swapping cocoa powder for the chocolate chips. Thanks, and cheers.

  12. Lisa Brown

    5 stars
    I went to a small street fair in our area, haven’t been to one in a while and I had a nice time. Thanks for the chance :0)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  13. lisa

    5 stars
    I helped my daughter move out and decorate her new apartment. What girl doesn’t love to decorate!!!! Thus would be a nice added feature on her counter.!!

  14. Peter Struhar

    4 stars
    Cool blender! Recently our family visited an Adventure Park and had a great time on the water rides!

  15. Jordan Lewis

    Biked to the west Seattle farmer’s market and found the best peaches I have ever had. Yum.

  16. Tim Bartlett

    We (wife, 2 teens) took a road trip all through New Hampshire, Maine & Massachusetts. No real itinerary except for some college visits. Had such a blast discovering spots along the way!

  17. Colleen Maul

    5 stars
    Oh something I have done fun recently was I took my three boys to there first musical , We watched Madagascar Musical Live. They had such a wonderful time and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it.

  18. Wendy McBride

    5 stars
    The latest fun thing I did was to sit down and watch/laugh at a whole movie with my grown adult children.lol I usually fall asleep or have work to do.

  19. Doris Taylor

    5 stars
    That looks so delicious, wow what a combination. Would love to make with a High performance blender from Wolf Gourmet!

  20. JoeyfromSC

    Yum! A very nice blender too!
    I’m laughing @ “sad smoothie”..I agree!!!

    The most fun thing I’ve done recently is went to a taping of a TV show here in Los Angeles:) It’s always a blast to see behind the scenes!

    Thanks for the chance to win! I need a good blender desperately!!

    Joey J.

  21. Carol Burgess

    5 stars
    I went skating with my grandfather he’s turning 76 soon. I was really scared at first with him being older thinking he might get hurt. But, he skated around that rink like a champ. We had so much fun.

  22. Annette

    Here’s what I’ve done fun recently – my best friend and I have grown children, so now we get to do grown up things together. Once a week we either get our nails done or go to dinner and a movie – we have even shopped a little. We used to spend time together with our children, but it’s even more enjoyable as we’re older and no longer have those same responsibilities.

  23. Kristen Clapp

    4 stars
    My dad has this blender and I love using it when I visit him. It is powerful with a bunch of settings to make almost any kind of smoothie, soup or blended sauce you can think of. Quality built and pretty to boot… I want one of my own.

  24. Carol

    Made a local day out adventure and went to the farmer’s market, had lunch at the zoo and then posted our pics of the day to our home page.

  25. Karen

    4 stars
    Lately I’ve been making smoothies as an afternoon snack and it would be more fun if I had a better blender.

  26. Robin Servetter

    5 stars
    The fireflies have been lighting up the night around here! I was pleasantly surprised the other night when my 15 year old daughter wanted to catch fireflies with me…just like we used to do when she was little. I loved every minute…<3

  27. 5 stars
    This Spring/Summer has been filled with moments. After 23 years in the Army, my husband of 12 years and 14 Β½ years together, many missed holidays, birthday’s and anniversary’s, are actually getting real time together because he’s retired this year from the Army.

    I love starting my day with a smoothie, it makes me feel nourished and this smoothie sounds yummy, thanks for sharing!

  28. cole mckinnon

    Love smoothies and thanks for the recipe. I took my granddaughters to the mystery room where you solve puzzles like Sherlock Homes and they “nailed it.”

  29. Deb C

    5 stars
    That is a beautiful blender! My fun activity is coming up. I’ll take a day trip to a beautiful orchard and farm we visit every year in the Fall and then go to a big fabric shop that I’ve never been to before. I’m sure I’ll spend hours at both places then we’ll go for a great dinner. It will be a fun day.

  30. Matt Turner

    We went on a road trip from Florida to North Carolina, stopping at many places along the way for great local food! What a great time!

  31. David

    5 stars
    We went to the zoo in Omaha last month. The zoo is so big that you can’t see it all in one day, so we didn’t get to see every exhibit, but it was a blast.

  32. gretchen ohar

    4 stars
    For fun we roasted a 60 pound pig in a La Caja China Grill for our family, friends & neighbors! Altho we’re not Cuban, we used an authentic Cuban mojo marinade and saved some of the marinade for pulled pork sandwiches. We also made Cubano sandwiches, Moros& Christianos, & Mojitos! This blender would have helped immensely! thank you for sharing!

  33. CHRISTINE Ries

    What I have done fun lately is binge watched Friday Night Lights TV show with my son and husband.

  34. Heather Voorhees

    I visited the botanical gardens in my city for the first time. They were beautiful, and I had a great time!

  35. judy bachman

    5 stars
    I went with two friends (all of us are older) to a pizza place and played mah jong , ate pizza and drank beer for hours. so much fun. (I am 80)

  36. karen andrews

    It has been raining so much in Texas so we have been shut-ins. Last night I cooked for friends then we played cards. It was a great time.

  37. Holly Oswald

    Took our 6 year old grand daughter to spend the weekend at the beach – we all had a blast. Told her we were staying on the beach – she freaked thinking we were sleeping on the sand. She loved the hotel and pool and beach after she found out we were not sleeping on the beach.

  38. Toni Davis

    5 stars
    Today was my son’s birthday, so the most fun I’ve had is making him a birthday cake and taking him out to a wonderful dinner. We laughed, ate, drank, enjoyed, and it was such an enjoyable day!

  39. Elizabeth Owens

    Your smoothie looks so tasty! I really want to try that. I went and had lunch at the park today. It is a beautiful Sunday, so I enjoyed spending the day at the park

  40. LINDA

    5 stars
    Something Fun? Joined our local YMCA for myself and children. LOVING the time spent together working towards becoming our greatest version πŸ™‚

  41. Donald W.

    I traveled to the Northeast and took a cruise around Boston Harbor…absolutely gorgeous scenery!

  42. Kaylin Bruce

    Something fun I’ve done recently… I went up to my kids’ school during their first week and surprised them at lunchtime. It was so fun to hear all about how they loved seeing their friends again.

  43. Jenny P

    5 stars
    That smoothie looks great! Something I have done for fun recently is taking my children to six flags, the beach, and Disney World this summer!

  44. carole toohey

    We had a family game night in the neighborhood . Everyone brought a game to play and a snack. We had such a great time!

  45. Pam Flynn

    5 stars
    I’ve had lots of fun this Summer but the most of most fun was when I went to my granddaughter’s 6th birthday party at the skating rink, put on roller skates (the first time in many years) & skated around the rink doing the Hokey Pokey!

  46. Alan S Gardner

    Fun eh? Alright then. I came up with a way to increase performance for Olympic marathoners. (I call it my blender … Yes, Wolf blender … technique.) First, I have the beach volleyball ladies take turns leading the marathon. Second, I have the fencing team alternate with the archery team following. I figure a new world record is guaranteed! Ladies marathon too? OK, so I alternate a few water polo guys in front. They’ve already proven that
    they can get the job done without horsing around. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. … at least until the Brazilian police find incriminating video.

  47. Judy Sharp

    5 stars
    The latest fun thing I did was go to the State Fair. We took my husband’s turquoise watch band out to see if there were any craftsmen there who could replace a missing stone. The man at the booth was so nice that he said he’d do his best. A half hour later he had replaced the stone and polished the watchband. And he did it all for free!

  48. Stephanie V.

    Spent some time across the pond in England. English summers are beautiful!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  49. Cynthia

    5 stars
    This blender looks amazing! Unfortunately mine doesn’t have the power to make thick milkshakes and smoothies. As for something fun…my kids, mom, and I went berry picking this summer. There’s just something about getting out in nature that makes for a wonderful, memory filled day. Even if it’s just a simple inexpensive activity.

  50. Joanna Protz

    5 stars
    Wow what a wonderful blender! I sure could use one like that. Yesterday my husband and I made 14 quarts of tomato juice. We enjoy putting up our fruits and veggies together. In the last couple of weeks we made 35 qts. of applesauce and 35 qts. of tomato juice. The jars always look so nice in the pantry.

  51. Shaylee Hardman

    5 stars
    My daughter and I made cookies today together for the first time (she is 17 months) and she loved it!

  52. PlumGaga

    A food group friend from Michigan came through my town and I got to have lunch with her and her husband.

  53. Wendy Johnson

    5 stars
    Something fun I’ve done lately? I played with and cuddled with my new puppy. Great blender!

  54. Cynthia D

    5 stars
    Cherry smoothies are my all time favorites…will have to try this recipe. I went to the Illinois State Fair with some friends on Saturday and we had a blast. Excellent food and music as well as other various activities. There were 45 Park Districts here from around the state and so we were entertained throughout the day. I enjoyed watching the kids in the baton twirling contest…brought back some memories. Good friends, good food and good music…had a wonderful time!

  55. Sabrina Foster

    I reconnected with someone who I had lost touch with 12 years ago. This was very important to me because I am very ill.

  56. Brenda Sue

    I just moved my adult daughter to Los Angeles from WA state. We did all the silly things like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Hollywood Tours and the best was a day at the beach!

  57. Ambrosia

    5 stars
    Such a sleek, gorgeous-looking blender . . . and the chocolate covered cherry smoothie looks scrumptious!

    For fun . . . I recently visited my local farmer’s market where I bought a beautiful watermelon. Upon returning home, I sat quietly in the kitchen cutting up and eating that watermelon’s sweet pink flesh to my heart’s content . . . absolute bliss!

  58. Charu Nagarajan

    4 stars
    Something fun I had done recently is to go to the rescue and rehab marine aquarium with my family. It was fun to see the sea turtles,dolphins and take the boat cruise.

  59. Melissa Baker

    5 stars
    We have had alot of fun this summer going to the lake with family and friends, cooking out, swimming, tons of fun!

  60. michelle hill

    I am thrilled that I taught my son to swim before Summer ended. He is so proud and I am one proud mama

  61. Michelle Miller

    5 stars
    Something fun I have done lately — is making smoothies at home in order to improve my health and energy

  62. Jen Oneill

    4 stars
    I was offered an unexpected day off from work. So I took the Wednesday my 3 kids my friend and her three kids to the beach for the day. We live just far enough from the ocean that we usually only get there once a summer. It was a great day and I remembered sunscreen for everyone but myself.

  63. Valerie Parker Thurman

    my grandsons were home from college for the summer and missed home cooked meals and desserts. I made sure all their favorites were prepared from scratch for them daily.

  64. Juan Carpio

    5 stars
    Love the smoothies. Something fun we did was make some to smoothie popsicles because of the heat!

  65. Tracy Z

    This blender sounds AMAZING! This morning, as I was going through my coupons and drinking coffee, my new kitten came running up to me with her little red ball. I threw it and continued to ‘work’. She came running back with it! This was a first, so I had to stop what I was doing, sit on the floor, and for the next hour I played fetch with my kitten!

  66. Deb Ford

    We just went mini golfing as a family for the first time in many many years. Tons of fun and topped the evening off with super ice cream!

  67. lori clark

    4 stars
    something fun I have done recently- started trying new foods, I figure at 40 its time to do that!

  68. Jody Dietz

    Something fun I have done recently is taking my kids and puppy to the beach for a swim! It was a great time.

  69. Kassandra

    We shopping today and saved lots of money on coupons! Also was able to enjoy the 75 degree weather outside today!

  70. Shawn Phillips

    4 stars
    Most recently I went out on the town with my wife. We went and got a nice steak! It might sound kind of lame but I have fun when going out with my wife.

  71. Lauren Peterson

    I just got back from a vacation in Grand Cayman, and I got to play with starfish and pick them up. It was awesome!

  72. CJ Queen

    4 stars
    Can’t wait to try Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie in that wonderful High Performance Blender from Wolf Gourmet

  73. annette campbell

    We just had the Shrimp Festival in our small beach town. Rides and vendor booths and lots of shrimp. Had a blast!

  74. Catherine Cleland

    5 stars
    Something fun we did this summer is take our 8 month old swimming for the first time!

  75. Jason Black

    5 stars
    The most fun I had recently was going back to my favorite place for mini golf with my son – Matterhorn over in Canton, CT. Totally worth a visit! A smoothie after would have been the perfect way to cap off the day.

  76. Philip Lawrence

    I recently pulled out my dulcimer from storage and began playing it again and suddenly realized how much I loved the sound and enjoyed playing it again. What fun that was and will now continue to be!

  77. Raymond Langer

    This last week, my family made a road trip to Paris Island, SC to witness the graduation from boot camp of our beautiful daughter-in law. What a wonderful ceremony!

  78. Nicole B.

    I’m learning to cook more things and experimenting with different recipes. Most recent was steak fajitas with fresh homemade tortillas. That was fun AND tasty!

  79. Carol S

    5 stars
    Something fun I have done recently….I spent the day with the neighbors grandkids. We spent the day outside enjoying the cooler weather we had.

  80. Bruce

    5 stars
    We recently replaced old light fixtures outside our home. Might not sound like “fun”, but it was.

  81. Kelli G

    This blender looks awesome! Something fun I’ve done recently, given birth to my first baby! πŸ™‚

  82. Valerie C.

    5 stars
    Our family toured the properties of the John Adams family in Quincy, MA. Very interesting afternoon.

  83. Patrick Gwinn

    5 stars
    I sat and watch my great nephew play a video game. I was never into video games, but I was thoroughly entertained. It was like watching a movie.

  84. Bridget Patterson

    My husband and I just took our kids to Hershey Park. We enjoyed the rides and the food.

  85. Christy hansen

    I just went camping and 4wheeling at my favorite place on earth. The uinta mountains in Utah! I love the tall trees and all the beautiful animals! I would also love ❀ this blender! I’m always experimenting with new smoothie concoctions.

  86. Donna Steinhoff

    5 stars
    What a cool blender.. Something fun i’ve done lately.. The family all went kayaking on the lake. it was so much fun

  87. Cathy Breitbach

    I brought my niece and son to the great big thrill factory for the day. It was action packed action.

  88. Colleen

    5 stars
    I went to the fair with my husband a few time. We got to see some great shows and of course eat some fair food. Making some healthy smoothies would be a great detox!

  89. April S.

    Just today my daughter and I did the bubble run. 1.3 miles and 6 colored foam check points. Super fun!


    4 stars
    I just spent a week with my nephew. I don’t see him often and he’s about to start middle school.

  91. Leisl gering

    I’ve been hanging out with my daughter before school starts on Tuesday- that’s pretty fun. It would also be fun to make smoothies with this

  92. Christi E

    5 stars
    I participated in my first 5k with one of my best friends! It was a Color Run and a complete blast! I don’t think anyone did much running, but we all felt like kids again, playing in all of the colors and were a rainbow mess by the end!

  93. Starla

    5 stars
    This is so awesome- it looks so delicious! Lately I have been doing some major cleaning in my Nana’s house who passed away in May. It definitely hasn’t been fun by any means.. but it totally reminds me of all of her love and the people she showed. She was my absolute life and I am so thankful to have had known her for my short 24 years.. they have been the best in my life. πŸ™‚

  94. Wendy Forbes

    I recently visited with my Mom. We went out and shopped and had a nice dinner. I don’t get to see her very often, but when I do, it’s always a fun time.

  95. Luciana

    Hi Carrie!
    We recently took a family trip to the zoo . It was half price day so I was determined to make it work. It rained, but we had fun anyhow! I’d love to rate this recipe, but I don’t actually have a blender anymore.

  96. MARY Ramos

    5 stars
    Lots of great ideas. Love the blender. Recently my family bought a new home and enjoy taking care of it

  97. Sarra Wheeler

    5 stars
    OMGosh I would love this Blender!! We’ve been visiting the beach a lot lately which has been so much fun!! <3

  98. nathan wheeler

    5 stars
    What a great blender! We went swimming with dolphins last week and had such a great experience!

  99. Debbie E

    4 stars
    I had my four year old granddaughter for three days and we had fun baking, playing games and watching movies!

  100. KellyB

    My daughters (ages 18 & 17) and I have been going out Pokemon hunting in the evenings after my husband goes to bed. We drive around, talk, and have a great time. It’s a good way to get out of the house, bond with them, and it’s pretty fun!

  101. Shirley Pinczewski

    5 stars
    Visiting an international food market that just opened and eating delicious foods.

  102. Annie Johnson

    Love the blender. Could have used it on vacation this year, We went to Panama City Beach. Had to purchase smoothies.

  103. Chanel Malone

    Recently I was chosen to get inside a dragster-tail racing car and the crew cranked it up..A Crowd gathered around to watch the big flames coming from the back..It was an exciting amazing moment that I won’t forget..

  104. Kristen Joiner

    I finally went to the zoo. I’d never been in my whole life so I decided to go with some friends and it was a lot of fun. I don’t know why I’d never done it before. πŸ™‚

  105. Kristen

    I went to an actors’ workshop where some friends of mine were doing scenes, and it was a lot of fun.

  106. Tammy Catterton

    5 stars
    Wow nice blender great one for my Mom her just died on her she misses making fruit smoothies so on with hers thanks the recipe sounds like a great one to try

  107. Monica Laban

    5 stars
    I had a wonderful barbecue today with my hubby and adult children. Everyone helped cook and it was just beautiful! Wonderful day with the family! Thanks guys hope I win this giveaway!!!

  108. Liz Beaty

    5 stars
    This weekend, my family went to a friend’s lake house and enjoyed the lake and mountain backdrop. Kids enjoyed swimming.

  109. Jana Gramaglia

    This past weekend my daughter turned 10! We had her friends over to celebrate with a pizza party, karaoke, mani/pedis and they all camped out “under the stars” on our screened in porch. Great memories made! Ty for the fun chance!

  110. Meg Tucker

    5 stars
    Something fun? Well………. I got to swim with Dolphins in June and that was thrilling to say the least! Truly an awe inspiring experience and it made me teary eyed LOL! I am still reeling from it!

  111. Paula s

    This would be so awesome! Something fun I did was make a cookie cake with my daughter for her bday to take to school for a party.

  112. 5 stars
    We can use a blender for so many things.
    I looked at the site with your appetizers They all looked so good.
    My grandkids love to help with cooking and it makes a great day with them.

  113. Leland Griffin Jr

    I am “Papa” and I played with two of my Grandchildren in a huge mud-puddle, messy(?) ,yes but more fun than an adult should have(?).

  114. JL

    The Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender based on the review lives up to the name. Its multi-functional which is great if you have a small kitchen.

  115. Sheila Augst

    5 stars
    Something fun I did recently…I went to see my son graduate from the U.S. Navy basic training in Great Lakes, IL! He is so grown up now, I just can’t believe it.

  116. Gina

    5 stars
    Still having fun in the sun… out on the lake for a day with friends this past week.

    This is a really beautiful piece of kitchen equipment!

  117. EliZabeth ruiz

    Did a rugged maniac race for the first time with some friends and we had a blast. Would’ve been perfect to have a wolf gourmet to make some shakes prior/post race. Hopefully next year!

  118. Char

    5 stars
    I taught my little cousins how to ice skate at the local rink, thank you so much for the great offer. I love the way you write <3

  119. Jeff K

    5 stars
    Love having smoothies for breakfast. Something fun I did recently…having margaritas on the boat with friends Sunday.

  120. Sel Stoute

    Lovely Blender. The only fun thing I have done lately is that my husband and I went to Jones Beach at 6:30 am on week day and had breakfast courtesy of McDonald’s. We were the only ones on the beach and we just laughed and enjoyed the morning.

  121. candy kratzer wenzel

    5 stars
    This blender looks awesome and so much you can make with it. I currently do not own a blender due to my youngest moved out on her own and decided to take mine along with her. My fun is taking walks along the river path. Love taking pictures of wildflowers in bloom, feeding the feral kitties that live by the river, and getting some much needed exercise.

  122. Patricia D

    My fiance and I had a fun date night this past weekend! We got dressed up, went to a nice restaurant, and just spent time together.
    This smoothie recipe looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to try! πŸ˜€

  123. Dani Sowolla

    5 stars
    The family and I had a campfire Saturday night with tons of mountain pies and smores. It was a great time except for the million bug bites the next morning.

  124. Celeste Herrin

    5 stars
    We recently went to a baseball game as a family in our home town. That’s something we’ve actually never done before! Thank you so much for the opportunity! That is an amazing blender! I really appreciate the review. It had me daydreaming of what all I could make LOL I’m going to have to get off here now so I can go make the chocolate cherry smoothie!

  125. Jennifer Niswander

    The chocolate cherry smoothie looks great! Something I did recently was try a new smoothie recipe, so I anxious to try this one too.

  126. Kimmy Ripley

    I did some gardening yesterday. We bought our first house in June and we are trying to fix up the landscaping.

  127. Cristina W.

    5 stars
    Last night I went for a walk at our local trail with my hubby and my three-year-old little dude. That is ALWAYS fun! This blender looks awesome and I can’t wait to try your smoothie recipe!

  128. John M

    5 stars
    Something fun…Well I entered this sweepstakes to win the Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender! πŸ™‚

  129. Megan S.

    5 stars
    Yesterday I had fun working in my garden starting to get it ready for winter, the best part was when a tiny tree frog no bigger than my thumb nail jumped on my hand and settled down for a quick nap!
    Thank you for the opportunity for this blender, I’ve recently started making and drinking smoothies and my blender is much too weak to blend everything up!

  130. Ashley Burton

    Something fun that my husband and I did recently was to go zip lining! So much fun! Smoothie recipe looks really good!

  131. Christina Moore

    I love this blender, this would make a great wedding present for my granddaughter. I went to a birthday party

  132. Kay

    5 stars
    I spent an entire week doing nothing but playing with my 4-year-old granddaughter. Memories made and time that neither of us will ever get back again.

  133. Christopher Clapp

    4 stars
    My daughter just turned one and she loves it when I take her biking. We just got back from a leisurely jaunt around Oceanside, our hometown. Beautiful weather, cool scenery…. and wonderful daughter.

    I’m obsessed with the Wolf blender. My dad has one and I want it.

  134. melanieg

    Ive been volunteering in my sons classroom and its actually has been fun for me, breaks up my normal routine at home.

  135. Gena P

    5 stars
    I recently changed jobs and towns and we moved closer to my brother and his family. We have been having lots of family bbq’s and its fun getting to see him and the kids more and spend more time with my sis in law!

  136. cheryl larimer

    Yesterday we took the grand kids on their annual back to school shopping day. Each one gets their own cart and along with their list, selects and fills it with their supplies. Then off for a lunch together and to the mall to choose one piece of clothing. It is a great memory for all of us. This year we had a youngest of 4 and oldest of 16 and a couple in between. I love our time together.

  137. Katrina Weiss

    It’s not that exciting, but I went to the county fair with my two year old niece and helped her feed animal crackers to the sheep.

  138. Sharon Bugar

    A couple of weeks ago, I played in the yard with my grand son. It was really hot so we hooked up the sprinkler and ran through it and took turns squirting each other with the hose. It was a great day and a lot of fun!

  139. Angelica

    Wow, not only does that blender look like it could really get the job done but it’s gorgeous! I love those ball jar lids, they’re my favorite! The last fun thing I did was camping in Northern Idaho. There was so much stunning scenery and the trip was a total blast!

  140. Ruth McIver

    5 stars
    I recently went to Maysa Leake’s 50th birthday concert and I met her up close and personal. It is nice when you meet the artist and talk to them.

  141. clynsg

    Something done lately for fun–running through the sprinkler with the grandchildren should count for that! This past week has been pretty nice, but before that it was just plain HOT!

  142. Diana Raphael

    This is the perfect blender! Something fun..rented an orange convertible and drove up the Pacific Coast hwy with my husband. It was gorgeous!

  143. Carly Williams

    Something fun that I did recently was purchase a canoe! We have loved using it to explore the waterways near our home.

  144. kelly light

    I baked cookies for my dad with my mom.Yes thats fun. She has alzheimers so, its like cooking with a kid.

  145. Cameron Rosa

    That blender looks amazing. We have a cheapy blender that we don’t use because it never blends things properly. I want a nice one so bad. The recipe sounds delicious and I will have to try it. I love chocolate covered cherries!!
    I’m pregnant with my third right now and have been super nauseous the past 19 weeks. I also have a 1 and 2 year old so I don have much down time to relax. I love cooking and being in my kitchen so much but the pregnancy nausea has kicked my butt. Now that I am feeling a little better I decided to make a nice dessert every weekday last week. It was so fun for my kids to enjoy homemade treats from mom again and for the house to smell amazing when my husband comes home from work.

  146. Shannon

    5 stars
    We just had my son’s birthday at a glow in the dark inside mini golf place! He had so much fun!!

  147. Catherine Buell

    5 stars
    I have recently started walking to exercise. May not sound like fun, but with 2 small kids at home, it’s a blast! I get away for 45 minutes and zone out listening to music and walking! Down 20 pounds since I started in the beginning of July, bye bye baby weight!!! Weight loss is always fun haha. Otherwise, we recently threw my son his 3rd birthday party and had lots of fun opening presents and watching all the kids run around.

  148. 4 stars
    Ooo, I’ve got to try this recipe! (and hopefully I’ll be able to try it by winning this amazing blender ;D)

    Something fun I’ve done recently… I adopted a kitten that I found crying by the side of the road at a gas station (while I was driving across the country to move). We named him Exxon, and he’s been bundle of joy ever since! Playing with him every day has been my main source of fun while I unpack boxes after the move.

  149. carol clark

    i helped put a metal car shed up and my word i tell you i hope i never have to do that again o my it was heavy tin and it was just so i could save money but i did it and i think next time ill pay someone but other than that ive been watching it rain

  150. Kristin McCall

    I recently went to Phoenix AZ to buy salt water fish to start up a 75 gallon saltwater fish tank. It was so much fun to go with my husband and learn how to keep them.

  151. Dawn Kaestner

    5 stars
    We recently took the entire family to the drive-in movies. What a blast from the past that was for the adults…and what a new experience for the little ones!

  152. Esther S

    We weren’t able to do any trips over the summer because of some health issues, but we will be going to Legoland in a couple months!

  153. staci wells mefford


  154. Bridget Lee

    5 stars
    After reading this post, and the great Choco-cherry smoothie recipe, I’ve decided I’ll never again refer to paying bills day as “Keeping the Wolf from the Door”..The Wolf Gourmet Blender is definitely welcome in my home, anytime!

  155. philip

    I had a grand time working on my truck! I love my truck! Hey that recipe looks great! I’ll have to try it!

  156. Debbie F

    5 stars
    Something fun? Well it’s fun for me, I started making pour over coffee, which seems to me just manual drip but people try to make it all fancy schmancy.
    It’s delicious but I don’t taste too much difference (which probably means I’m not doing it right). πŸ™‚
    Oh well.

    • LOL! It just takes longer than drip, right? πŸ˜‰ I do make my coffee with the pour-over method, but it’s only because I have only 1 outlet on my counter and I get tired of playing musical outlets for my appliances. (Which goes to show you how much I love this blender, because I was willing to take on a new player in the game!)

  157. Jenette

    We went to Chuck E Cheese for my daughter’s 5th birthday and this weekend we are going to the beach!

  158. Rhonda P

    4 stars
    We just got back from visiting Mesa Verde National Park and Petroglyph National Monument. Wow – they are both great! Could definitely have just a freshly made smooth after each of those days!

  159. Tony Cruz

    5 stars
    First of its a great looking machine!!!! The dials are big and simple to use. Love that the blade is attached to the jar for easy cleaning. And it definitely has POWER !!! Reaching boiling in under 6 minutes, will be great for making soups. Will be using the Wolf Blender daily for smoothies!!!!

  160. Brent

    4 stars
    I’ve had too many blenders break/underperform. I enjoy a good milkshake in the hot summer heat, and my worst memory is a blender base falling off mid-blend. For now, we go out for milkshakes but I want to be able to make my own at home again!

  161. Patty Jensen

    This may not be fun for others, but it sure was for me. Through Craig’s List I became the proud owner of seven dining room chairs. For FREE! You could easily see that they were greatly loved in their previous life, as the seat and back upholstery were torn, dirty and saggy. Calling upholstery shops for an estimate about gave me a eye popping morning. $100 for labor alone – for each chair!!! For each FREE chair. Could not do that, so I jumped onto YouTube. One month later they are gorgeous and in much, much better shape. So proud of myself! Your Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie seems to be the exact reward I need. Thanks for sharing.

  162. Janet Keener

    In addition to wonderful smoothies, this blender would help me make the best chocolate cheescake ever!!!

  163. Elaine Cole

    5 stars
    Something fun recently…My grandson spent the night Saturday. We built a little model Derby car. He loves it and we both had a blast.

  164. Patti

    5 stars
    I love chocolate covered cherries or cherry cordials as worker in chocolate shop calls them. I Lβ™‘ve your recipe. For super fun I went to the beach on the Lake front in Chicago, IL. β™‘


    4 stars
    not fun i guess .. but my new job is allowing me how to install, finish and refinish hardwood floors

  166. Jenny Gault

    5 stars
    This weekend we took the kids to the Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium. It was a lot of fun!

  167. Amanda Patterson

    Earlier this summer my family went the beach for a week! It was great to get away and relax. Also my dog reverts to a puppy when she is on the beach so it is super cute to watch!
    Thanks for the giveaway! My current blender is super old, missing part of the lid and doesn’t owkr well anymore, so this would be fantastic!

  168. Jenny Hansen

    4 stars
    I just got home from camping with my boys and my husband. Wonderful weekend with they family!

  169. Kathy C

    4 stars
    My favorite fun activity this summer was taking the grandkids to Storyland. An amusement park geared toward younger kids, based on classic stories!

  170. Maria Sanchez Lopez

    5 stars
    Great recipe, and breakfast smoothies are great especially when you want to cut down on fat calories. I use half a banana, pineapple, pomegranate, quinoa and a yogurt and my smoothie holds me over until lunch. This is a wonderful high quality blender.

  171. Lavonne P

    4 stars
    I’d love to win this blender. My son wants smoothies and I get to sneak in some veggies. We did some work at a rescue shelter this past summer.

  172. Amy Gibby

    My 4 year old broke her leg and so we decided to take all the kids to an arcade to play games for a little while. An employee noticed she couldn’t play many games, so he gave her a bunch of prizes and toys to make her happy πŸ™‚ made me feel so good to be the recipient of a kind deed!

  173. Amy K

    4 stars
    You had me at: “Chocolate Covered…” Would love to be able to have a delicious smoothie every morning!

  174. Anne

    5 stars
    I made plans for a trip to Arizona I’m taking next month! I sometimes think that planning for a vacation is more fun than the vacation itself (although I hope that won’t be true this time!). Taking a vacation is fun in three stages: planning the vacation, the vacation itself, and then remembering and reliving the vacation.

  175. Paul Gardner

    Something fun I did was take my kids to starbucks because they love their smoothies and their pastries!

  176. Eugenie Lieberman

    Took the dogs to park twice in one day. So much fun the first time, had to do again at the end of the day when it cooled off. Made a Mango smoothie in between. Would be much easier with a new blender.

  177. Kay M

    Great looking blender would love to win. Fun thing recently having a birthday dinner with my son.

  178. Corinna Atkinson

    Birthday dinner with my favorite smoothie maker, my brother from another mother, Huckleberry!

  179. Angela Hendricks

    5 stars
    I went to the Tybee Island GA recently for a summertime beach vacation. It was lovely and I hope to go again sooner than later! My kids loved it and it was a lot of fun.

  180. meg alexandra

    5 stars
    I just moved to my first ever place on my own – no roommates! I’m super excited to make the place all my own.

  181. Diane Brixius

    5 stars
    Summer gets a little hot here so I can’t always be outside like I would prefer. Some of my most special summer times involve walking the trails in town with my camera. Love nature, the birds, the butterflies, the flowers, whatever I can capture. Guess if it stays so hot, I could be making one of those smoothies with that awesome blender!!

  182. Steven S

    4 stars
    My wife and I love to take our RV to one of the beautiful state parks here and enjoy the lakes, scenery, and just relax.

  183. Kelly ronca

    I have done so many fun things this summer – seen concerts, visited the escape room, visited zoos, watched movies, drive in, ate cupcakes, had a cupcake wars event at my home, ate gourmet ice cream, visited new restaurants, – too many to list!!! Thanks for,hosting a great giveaway!!

  184. Kristen

    4 stars
    I am cooking down all of my garden produce harvest unto a spicy tomato pepper sauce… It has a way to go.

  185. Michelle Coles

    We planned a last minute trip to Virginia. We took the kids to Busch Gardens and King’s Dominion!

  186. sdadolf

    4 stars
    My fun thing was showing I didn’t need a car…I walked to the shopping center and back twice this past week….3 miles each way.

  187. Stephanie Beaver

    5 stars
    Wow. This is just amazing. Thanks for the chance. Recently we took my daughter camping to her first National Park. I bought a passport for us to stamp at every park we visit through out her life. Just like I did as a kid.

  188. Lisa

    5 stars
    Hubby treated me for my birthday to see one of my favorite artists in concert AND surprised me with a Meet N Greet! It was amazing!

  189. Trinity Rosario

    5 stars
    Took my grandson to Woodland Park Zoo! He is almost 3 and LOVES the zoo. It was so adorable watching him get excited about every single animal we saw. So much fun!

  190. Austin Hanczarek

    I went kayaking down the river, a lot of fun was had. This smoothie sounds excellent, great looking blender

  191. Stephanie Phelps

    5 stars
    Yum this sounds so good! Something I have done fun is play Wii golf with my kids and husband and we had a blast. Thank you for the chance!

  192. Savata Ray

    I Had Fun With The Grands My GrandDaughter Loves To Be in The Kitchen But One Day Her Brother Had A Fit Cause He Felt left Out So He Said Grandma I Can Cook Too So Our Objective This Day Was Pizza With Homemade Crust Boyyyy we Were Kneadding And Slapping Dough On Counters And Trying To Throw It Up In The Air Like The Pizzerias Do it Needless To Say pizza Dough Was Every where And we got the Giggles Cause they really were tossing them high and it Ended On one Of Their heads we had the best time

  193. Kathy Cox

    I don’t own a blender it would be great to make smoothies for the kids for breakfast before school

  194. Robin Lueck

    5 stars
    Went kayaking on Sunday and the weather was perfect, great day. Need a smoothie for more energy!


    Something fun that I have been doing lately is helping my Mom open her antique store!

  196. 5 stars
    I would love this blender. I have the old blender that really doesn`t give you a lot of choices to the amount of things that can be blended without tearing up the blades. I would love to use this blender for early morning smoothies to take to work with me instead of skipping breakfast.

  197. Kelli Watts

    5 stars
    Took my kids to Bush Gardens and had a blast on the rides and learning about the animals!

  198. Maria S Cariglino

    5 stars
    We went on a cruise last week with all my family, we had a great time!
    Would love to win this blender! My daughter, she is 9 years old, loves to bake, cupcakes, banana bread, you name it! we would have lots of fun if we win πŸ™‚
    The recipe looks delicious, will give it a try this weekend.

  199. J Kennedy

    Family outing to the local farmers market– fresh hand grown veggies, and artisanal goat cheese– really really good …Gotta get more next week..its almost gone.

  200. Denise

    Great question! It got me thinking that I don’t do “fun” much, I just do what has to be done. I went out to dinner with friends a few weeks ago. That’s as close to fun as I can get.

  201. Stephanie Karlsons

    I hosted a slumber party last weekend for my Daughter’s twelfth Birthday. It was so fun and the girls had a blast! This recipe sounds delicious, I am definitely going to try it. Thanks!

  202. Jennifer M.

    5 stars
    We had a FUN summer!!! The biggest part was our visit to Niagara Falls & then the Fingerlakes NY!!

  203. mike

    4 stars
    Won a trip to London and went with my daughter and we walked, rode the tube, and biked all around the city..

  204. shannon fowler

    something that Ive done recently is go to upstate new york and got to go on several hikes in mountains with some great scenery and waterfalls

  205. foofo

    Something fun? Hmm so stressed out from buying a house and doing so much renovations that I can’t even remember when was the last time we did something fun…Actually..Had a BBQ the other night in our backyard with the hubby and kids:) Simple but special.

  206. Nancy Hansen

    5 stars
    I would love to have a blender so that I can try this. I have several fruit trees, vines, etc. I have frozen a lot of the fruit, but my old blender doesn’t do a great job. This great Wolf blender makes it easy. The recipe looks yummy.

  207. Shawna

    5 stars
    Love this blender. Your smoothie looks delicious! I love to use vanilla yogurt in my smoothies too! I went to Lake Tahoe with the family this past weekend and had fun a Lester beach. Wish I could go there again before the cold weather moves in.

  208. sherry hueser

    We just lost our boxer of 13 years this year, so we just adopted a rescue boxer that is 5 his name is todd and he is such a good boy,he has found his forever home we just love him so much . I think he needed us as much as we needed him.

  209. Jeffrey

    My kids just started back to school so my wife and I had a daytime date. We went shopping, hit a movie and had a wonderful lunch. We both love spending time with our kids and do so every night and weekend, but the school time dates are a lot of fun!

  210. Audrey Beaver

    4 stars
    My husband makes me a smoothie at 3:00 in the morning everyday before I go to work. He’s the best

  211. Shannon K

    4 stars
    Holy Moly! That is one unaffordable blender!

    I like to have fun going to the beach and when returning, I would make some margaritas with a loud blender. Would be nice to have a whispering blender πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone.

  212. Kari Coffey

    We’ve had lots of summer fun this year, but the best part was our trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, best beaches in Michigan!

  213. Michael Madden

    We just went to Escape MKE last night. It’s one of those events where you have to find all the clues in the room and use them to escape. Really fun!

  214. oct

    5 stars
    Thank you for the contest! Something fun I did recently: went to the movies with a friend. We pack our own snacks. ^_^

  215. Julie Ikeda

    5 stars
    I just got back from a trip to Gastonia, NC where I was visiting my sister. It was really fun and I can’t wait to go again!

  216. Billie R

    Recently I’ve been having fun riding around to local parks with my husband and/or son to play Pokemon Go.

  217. Lauren Little

    I went to Idlewild Park with my family! It was a great day and the kids rode a lot of fun rides.

  218. Mikael Malone

    Something fun I’ve done recently is teach a class for homeschooled children on Japanese culture.

  219. Christel Elliott

    We’ve been going for walks a lot lately, which sounds boring but we have such a peaceful trail right near our home complete with a stream that connects to a creek. It’s so beautiful.

  220. Justin Sparks

    I recently went to my first music festival Lollapolooza in Chicago and it was amazing!!!

  221. Sarah Cool

    I recently went to the napa valley for the first time and it is gorgeous there and the food is so good! The wine is great too πŸ™‚

  222. Samantha Seal

    Got married, went on our honeymoon, went white water rafting and went to a cavern! It was so much fun πŸ™‚

  223. Catherine Lewis

    4 stars
    I recently traveled to Germany to visit with my son and his family. Spending time with my 2 grandchildren, Oden, 2 and Aurora, 6 was the most fun I have had in a long time.

  224. Jared Schwebel

    5 stars
    Im learning how to walk again after 3 months in a wheelchair and 2 months on crutches. This blender would be great at making nutritin/protein shakes to help me get my strength back!

  225. Jessica Navarro

    5 stars
    Spent a wonderful family vacation on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! My kiddos would love to be able to use this beautiful blender to make some of the same smoothies we sipped on the beach πŸ™‚

  226. Carolsue

    We went to Yosemite National Park a couple weekends ago. It’s only a couple hours from us, so we go often.

  227. candice knowlton

    5 stars
    My husband and I took the kiddos to Disney! In memory of my dad who passed away. He really wanted to take us all to Disney but his alzheimer’s got really bad. We did have a fun time and I felt like my dad was there with us <3

  228. tanya meadows

    5 stars
    I took my 7 yr. old daughter to the Mcwane Science Center in Bham Al. Just a girls weekend! We both had a ball! Great place with hours of fun! Recipe sounds awesome! Im going to try it as soon as I win this blender! (hopefully)

  229. Mary Rutter

    The public pools are all closed for the Season so me and my friend went to a splash pad at a local park. I am not a kid but it’s been so hot we needed something to cool us off.

  230. Kathryn El Shamy

    What a beautiful blender!!

    The most fun thing I have done recently is sit with the lights off, candles glowing, wine and chocolate, late night, powerful thunderstorm, blanket and a pillow. … Oh, so relaxing.

  231. Kimberly Harrison

    Something Fun I’ve done recently is I did an overnight trip with friends out of town. It was fun exploring a new area, and just letting loose and letting to of worries for a few days!

  232. Michael Rockwell

    Whenever my 6 year old granddaughter visits, which is usually about once a week or so, I always have her help me prepare the evening meal. It teaches her a few things while we are having great fun together.

  233. Yummy looking smoothie! I was trying out some dance moves in the kitchen with my teen daughters yesterday. Much laughing and instructing by them followed, because I can whip, but I can’t dab apparently!

  234. Kira Alexander

    4 stars
    Would love to have a fancy blender like this one! Something fun I did recently…took my little red convertible to the beach last weekend.

  235. Katie

    We went to a food district and tried a whole new assortment of foods like poutine and gelato. It was all so good! Ths recipe sounds like an awesome smoothie!

  236. Jeanie Hicken

    4 stars
    We love camping and have been trying to go a few times this summer. We finally made it early this week and enjoyed it.

  237. Jennifer W

    5 stars
    I tried gourmet cotton candy for the first time ever. It was pretty good and I can’t wait to try more flavors.

  238. Trinity Rosario

    I spent a day apartment hunting with my dad! He is so much fun and absolutely hilarious!

  239. Paula Adams

    We just returned from a summer vacation to Yosemite National Park! It’s spectacular with incredible views and serene landscapes. Highly recommend as a first-time adventure! (All we were missing was a wonderful Wolf Gourmet blender for making smoothies for refreshments!)

  240. Robin Nashwick

    Something fun I’ve done recently is going to Baltimore, MD for a meet and greet with Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles. He’s a very nice, down to earth guy and very talented.

  241. Teresa McKay

    Currently on vacation in Florida with the family and found a gem of a spot (Wekiva Island) to go kayaking down the river (with gators) to a beautiful crystal clear spring. We had a great time!

  242. Holly

    We took a trip to Hocking Hills and stayed in a remote cabin, went on lots of hikes and saw beautiful wooded scenery, loved it!

  243. Nancy Marcho

    We recently had lots of fun at a local country fair. While there, I had a chocolate chip cookie dough shake with fresh strawberries. It was delicious! I’m going to try to recreate it exactly at home.

  244. Lorina Padgett

    My daughter moved out so we have been dancing to the oldies. Just having fun, reconnecting and dancing til we are out of breath.

  245. Carolyn Reilly

    4 stars
    I have been watching the ducks bring up their babies. It really is fun to see the little ones misbehave just like toddlers and the mother quacks and scolds them! This blender is awesome!

  246. Carrie Conrad

    Lately I have been spending time with the kiddos camping and swimming. Trying to squeeze in last minute family time before they head back to school. Great Giveaway and thank you for the chance to be a winner.

  247. jaimeb

    I completed my first half marathon last weekend. My husband and I started running last year, and promised ourselves that when the half marathon came around again, during our town’s homecoming, we would run it. We did and it was a journey that I am glad I took.

  248. Maddy Anna

    What a fun contest! My recent fun was playing with my cat ladybug. She loves to chase my shoelace!

  249. shanel Lewis

    4 stars
    That would be awesome to win! My boys would definitely ramp up their smoothie making skills. We LOVE smoothies. As a single mom with 3 boys we are always making things together in the kitchen

  250. Patricia Crowley

    We had a lot of fun yesterday at the local water park! It was so nice to relax by the pool and watch the kids having fun!

  251. Ms. Christian H

    I went to a carousel museum and saw a 103 year old carousel in operation and one of the oldest hand-cranked carousels displayed in the U.S.

  252. Allyson becker

    5 stars
    I learned that a friend died in a motorcycle wreck. I also added some inventory to my store.

  253. Maria S

    My kids and I walked around our downtown park catching Pokemon. I know . . . it sounds silly . . . but we did walk over 4 miles! Fun way to get some exercise in!

  254. Melissa

    Our fun activity was going to the Newport Folk Festival in July. The best 3 days of music I’ve ever experienced!

  255. Casey Roche

    Enjoying my summer off in the sun, lake, and camping! Excited to head back to school. I love make smoothies before work!! So yummy and this would be awesome!

  256. Annmarie W.

    We just got back today from a week-long family vacation at the beach! And as if that’s not fun enough on it’s own, I even went parasailing for the first time ever! It was so much fun!

  257. Cynthia Stacey

    We went camping and boating at Lake Jocassee, SC with our family. It was awesome and everyone had a great time. We made smores, boating and water skiing, hiking and finding new trails and waterfalls. We played in the waterfalls that we found, we stayed up all night and looked at the stars and talked, read books, took afternoon naps, fished, told ghost stories and just had an wonderful time enjoying each other and laughing alot too!

  258. Bob Morella

    My grandsons came up and spent another week with me before school starts and we had a wonderful time. They still enjoy it when I read to them and also when I tell them old stories too. We baked alot of cookies and decorated them and of course had to eat them too.

  259. Deborah McClure

    My whole house flooded and I lost all my kitchen appliances and utensils, so would love to start my new collection with this special blender.

  260. holly lawson

    5 stars
    I took my 4 year old to the local Sheriff’s Office for his birthday, dressed as a policeman. He got the grand tour and even sat in a car. He had the best day!!

  261. Renee

    I took my daughter on a road trip to Oregon to visit her 2 best friends. We spent the week at a beach house.

  262. annette campbell

    I went to the Shrimp Festival in my community. There was rides and lots of shrimp to eat. It was fun spending time with the family

  263. Michelle T

    5 stars
    Looks like a great blender! Something fun… tonight I took a sunset swim in Lake Michigan with my teenage son & daughter. Later, we lit a campfire on the beach & ate s’mores.

  264. Debbie B

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! I have the most fun playing with my cat but I just went on vacation to California so that was extra fun!

  265. Ron R.

    I go to a lot of concerts. Studies have shown people who go to concerts live longer lives too πŸ™‚

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