1. Milo

    Something fun I’ve done recently was going to the contemporary art museum in Boston. It’s on the water and by a bunch of great restaurants!

  2. doug gerard

    The other day I sold some stuff on a ebay auction with free shipping, only got $2 for it and ended up paying $12 for postage! I thought ‘oh well’ I just wanted to get it sent off. Then today I found a ten dollar bill in the street! My good deed came back to haunt me!

  3. carol clark

    well i got me a banana tree its fun for me cause i like planting things nothing fun outside im a stay at home person and it was fun

  4. charity snowden

    Something fun I’ve done is start up painting again. It’s always tough to break a long streak of time without brushes, colors, and canvas, but once I did it all came back to me. 🙂 I love how the creative mind works!

  5. Lori

    Those pictures look amazing!
    Both my daughters came home for the day, so we hung out at a coffee shop and talked!

  6. Gracie Kahl

    I went to the zoo with my mother this week! Neither of us had been in a long time, and we had a blast even though it rained on us.

  7. Annette

    In the past month and a half my cousin and I started doing home improvements. We’re nowhere near done, but it’s been so much fun. So far we’ve pulled up the carpet in a few rooms, installed a new dishwasher and new stove/oven., added a new desk, office chair, and sofa (by new I mean new to me, but all were free except the chair and stove which were so cheap – all in great condition) We’re in the process of painting the exterior, then it’s onto the interior. I love the way things are looking. I’ve been wanting to do things around here, but just couldn’t afford it. My cousin is an expert in DIY projects and in finding great, used items.

  8. Starla B

    Yes, yes, yes.. please! This is awesome. The other day I scheduled a cruise that I will take in July.. it will be my first one ever. Yay!

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