1. Eric

    Obtain professional help. No one should feel alone in this way. You have the intelligence and self-awareness to recognize something is off-kilter. Seek help to work on it, just like you would seek professional help if you had a large, bleeding gash on your forearm.

  2. Catherine

    Carrie, please seek professional help to get on the road to recovery. You are aware that something is not right, you should not have to feel like this like your all alone and groping around in the dark and waiting to wake up from a nightmare. Before this gets any worst please seek professional help. Prayers for you and please keep us all posted.

  3. Carrie, it must be so hard for you to go through this, and even harder to open up about it! The other commenters are right. Talk to someone, Carrie. Please, please talk to someone. They can help you. I know exactly where you are right now because I’ve been in that haze a million times. A few years ago I was popping sleeping pills like they were mints because I couldn’t stand to be awake if I didn’t have to be. Please, please don’t suffer through this alone. There’s no need! There are people out there designed to help people through these things. And, you can always, always talking to me if your comfortable with it because, trust me, I know those dark places. I’ll be able to relate and understand.

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