1. christi in ma

    I found a travel tube of Bonine at Target. I was given it on our honeymoon cruise when I woke up with awful seasickness. It’s magic! I packed it for Disney and took it every morning. I was able to ride everything without any dizziness or nausea.
    Zip top bags were great for putting my dslr and our phones in when we rode Splash Mountain. We got soaked!
    The other things I’d add are to pack Nuun or another water flavor additive. FL water tastes yucky but you want to stay hydrated while doing all that walking. The other thing is to put a small makeup bag/pouch in your backpack with the little stuff you want to bring but might fall to the bottom of the bag like Advil, tissues, wipes, floss.

    • I wish our Target carried Bonine! Just Dramamine. But it worked, just has to be taken more often, is all.

      Zip top bags are indispensable! And yes, forgot to mention that they help waterproof your electronics on rides. I wouldn’t count on them 100%, but definitely better than nothing!

      The water does taste terrible (and smells worse!). But we managed to drink it straight. The coffee, on the other hand… ugh!

  2. PegP

    We go every year, and except for the zip lock bags, we’ve never packed any of those things. We only did the baggies once, though, because we never used them.

    I do, however, always pack Benadryl. I was bitten by something one year. Bad case of bed bugs another year (though Disney swears there weren’t any). Was always paying too much for Benadryl at the resort gift store, so no more.

  3. Yvonne

    Love the zip loc bag idea! I would add a small pair of safety scissors…some of those snacks at the parks are killer difficult to open! But, then once opened you DO need a ziploc bag to save the leftovers… to munch on back at your room.

  4. Ebina

    We always carry wet wipes — even adults need to clean up after devouring those delicious snacks! They come individually wrapped so not big bulky plastic containers.

  5. Jess H

    Laundry supplies and change for the machines. I ended up needing to use the guest laundry room at the resort and had to use whatever detergent was available. We don’t have sensitive skin or anything but I would have much rather had my own stuff. So next time, I will take some with me in a small container.

  6. Debi

    I always bring prescription antibiotics. So glad I did. In May 2018 when we were at Disney I was bitten by a spider on my ankle and within 48 hours my ankle was swollen, beet-red and hot to the touch. If I didn’t have the antibiotic with me I would have ended up in the hospital. I’m not bitten by spiders frequently, but I always have the same reaction.

  7. Breanna

    My husband and two of our children have horrible motion sickness. The only thing that we found to be successful with motion sickness are motion patches sold on Amazon: MQ Motion Sickness Patch. I’ve attached the link.

    They helped my husband survive our second honeymoon when we took a seven day cruise. The perk about these motion sickness patches is that they’re inexpensive, the box comes with a ton of them, and each patch last for three days. You just place the little circle patch, which is kind of like a Band-Aid, behind your ear. You can’t feel them. These are a must for our family when we travel ANYWHERE lol, because they ensure no motion sickness no matter where we area

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