• That’s a great point, too! We had problems with FastPass+ on our first day because we’d be nowhere near the rides we reserved, even though we looked at the map before making the reservations and tried to plan it out. As much as I like to have an idea of what’s going on, it’s so much more pleasurable just going with the flow.

  1. I cannot stand amusement parks and wouldn’t go to Disney if you paid me, BUT I found this post very entertaining to read and it’s going to be so helpful to so many people who are planning trips! I totally agree with you on the rest day thing for ANY vacation. Over planning vacations stinks. You need those days to just veg and be a blob by a pool! Yes, with a drink.

  2. Stephanie

    Agree on all points. I was also panicked about the dinner thing, but decided just to walk up to the front desk of my hotel and ask what they had. It was amazing how many cancellations there would be, and we would have 3-4 options within the time it would take us to get there. I didnt sign up or register for anything with photos and also was very happy to see the link come anyway a few days later 🙂 And the magic band was awesome!!

  3. christi in ma

    I agree on the dining reservations. The only ones we had ahead of time were Be Our Guest and La Hacienda de San Angel so we could watch the fireworks without crowds (and with margaritas!) The rest of our dinners were usually booked at lunch. That My Disney Experience app really rocks!

    I do regret not getting Memory Maker. I hemmed and hawed because I was bringing my dSLR and $150 (the advance price back then) was a lot of money. Now I wish I did get it because I bought 8 photo downloads and really wanted to buy more. It was nice to be in the photo too. I didn’t know I could buy it after the fact and still get the photos that were in the past! Now I know for next time! LOL

    I was glad we planned a few naps in our day. Even grown ups need a nap at Disney!

    • I wish it had been more clear before our trip about Memory Maker (which is why I included that on this list). It costs a bit more after-the-fact, but at least you then get a second chance at the photos, if you find you want a lot of them.

      Naps are essential! I’ve learned my lesson!

  4. GL

    We went to Disney on February the perfect month because its less crowded, right before my kids had vacation from school. This was our first trip there. One tip i really take advantage of was My Disney Experience App….where you can see what rides have the most waiting time…at this point we know if those rides have 40min to 2hrs of waiting is because those are the best ones!! I do my research before our trip on that too because we want to really enjoying our trip so we choose the best rides and we have a blast!!! We went to the 4 park plus universal Studios and sea …and with 3 girls is not easy…they get tired so easy so another thing we look at this app was the characters, where they was located etc so we choose our preferences. I love this app alot.. (Sorry my English is not perfect lol)

    • I am a HUGE fan of the My Disney Experience app! From making FastPass+ reservations, to dining reservations, to order I g quick service food for pick up (like the Starbucks app), it’s already a great way to plan. Being able to see ride wait times makes it all that much better! It’s hard wrangling kids in the parks, so anything that makes your life easier is worth it! Your English is excellent–no worries! Thank you for dropping by!

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