1. Lactose Intolerant

    Sorry, but Lifeway kefir is still my first choice because they have non-fat & lowfat , lactose free kefir with about a 1/2 dozen flavors available at any given time in the local grocery stores and WalMart. Toss in a half a banana and blend…Breakfast! (A little sprinkle of cinnamon is nice, too.)

  2. Lactose Intolerant

    Oh, yes, I forgot in the above comment to mention that Lifeway kefir has 11 different probiotic strains. Most commercial yogurts have 2 or 3. And, I’m not a stock holder or being paid for an endorsement. Just love the stuff.

    • Per 10-ounce serving, the Stonyfield comes in lower in fat than the lowfat Lifeway kefir and contains more protein. But I understand. People have their preferences, and that’s part of what makes us so great–our ability to have a variety of interests and still come together to discuss them. Enjoy!

  3. My kid would love this, yogurt is his favorite food of all time. I think I would definitely try vanilla because that is always my go to flavor when trying something new. Unless, of course, there’s chocolate. Chocolate will always win, hands down.

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