• You can! If there’s anything you don’t like about your order, you can return it for a refund (minus the customization charges). If I recall correctly, you get 2 chances after that to get it right. So, for example, I returned a dress (I never should have ordered) and elected store credit, so I got the dress value + 20% back as a store credit. I applied that credit to another order and also didn’t like that dress. I was able to return that one, too, but only for the dress value; you can’t keep adding on that 20%. The next order I placed, I would have to keep. Luckily, I loved it, so it didn’t matter. You do lose out on customization charges, but it’s good to know they’ll stand by their product. And considering I now own 12 of their dresses (11 of which I paid for myself), I have to say that I’m quite smitten. They usually hit the mark just fine. 🙂

  1. Love the customization features.

    I hate, hate, hate my knees and there are so few dresses that cover them.

    I should also mention I hate, hate, hate my arms, so the ability to have long sleeves and longer hem length is a win-win!

  2. Barbara I Spirited Cook

    I remember one of your bird dresses at Big Harvest Potluck! This is a great feature for every type of body. On me, dresses are never long enough and almost always too small in the bust/rib cage if they are a fitted dress. I love the customization feature. I’ll take advantage of this discount too! Thanks for posting Carrie!

  3. Chris

    I recently ordered three dresses for the buy 2, get 1 free sale. All three were made other than I custom ordered. I am so disappointed. I am having to pay $25 plus tax to fix the one, trying to return the other one, and wearing the other one with a T-shirt underneath, since they didn’t put sleeves on it. (I read this company is bad to work with, that’s why I’m doing it this way). I’m glad you have had success with them.

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience! I’ve purchased at least 15 dresses from them myself now and I did have to send 2 back because they didn’t fit right (and got refunded right away for them), but the vast majority have been perfect. That’s really frustrating!

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