1. What an eloquent and beautiful post! I can completely relate to the desire to shelter and protect your child from all the evils of the world. It’s heartbrekaing not to be able to. But like you said, they will make it through and be stronger for it. I definitely want to read this book too!

    • It’s funny what it stirs up in you! Your daughter would make me anxious, too–love that she’s pursuing her skiing dream and all, but having been hurt pretty badly while skiing, it scares me with my little ones just on our little ski hill here! I suppose it’s good for all of us… kids make us grow as they grow.

  2. That seemed to be a resounding sentiment with all who read this book, whether or not they were doing all they could to protect their children. I have nothing against homeschooling but I think letting children learn how to deal with others, good and bad, in life is best for them. They are going to have to live with and compete for things in life with all, bullies and angels. But it is hard to watch them get their feelings hurt and watch others taunt or slight them.

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