1. Carrie, love these pecan shortbread cookies. . and so glad you are feeling better!! You are, right?! Oh and I just fell down some stairs yesterday. . rushing to take Madeline to ballet. . and I was holding her too. . thank God I was wearing my thick winter coat, which I think padded my fall. . and I fell on my side because I didn’t want to fall on Madeline. . crazy, yo. Lesson: no more rushing down stairs while holding my kid! and don’t worry. . you’ll be ok with stairs in no time!

    • I am better, thank you! It’s a little scary how quickly the bruising went away and it seems like there are no permanent after-effects. I’ve also fallen down the stairs while holding one of my kids and that truly is frightening. I also twisted to the side so I wouldn’t land on my son and that time, I broke my foot. Glad to hear you and Madeline are okay! Maybe we need a break from the stairs for a while? 😉

  2. It’s a very delicious cookie, but it doesn’t look like shortbread very much. It was more like an oatmeal cookie more chewy and tasty. Without haha oatmeal. It is always worth it but not a substitute for pecan sandy

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