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    Hi Carrie! Saying hi from CCN! I adore your photos and really empathize with your desire to get back to your passions. Luckily for me, my blog forced me to work with talents/skills I always hired someone else to do – write and photograph. Both skills sets still have a long way to go but they have certainly blossomed out of necessity. I was friends with many thespians in high school and many, like you, are feeling the draw back to the stage in some way, shape, or form. And the blondies? they look luscious! Love the idea of the ganache!

    • What do they say–necessity is the mother of invention? It’s also a great time to see what kind of skills you have hidden underneath it all and nurture them! 😉 I’m finding a lot of thespians returning to the fold at this point in life. Lacking the ability to take the plunge on the stage, writing seems the next natural step. Thanks for the compliment on the blondies! The ganache really makes them sing!

  2. These look really tasty! I love blondies and love peanut butter. 🙂 Pinning! And I here you about the food blogging . . . it’s fun to share recipes, but can be very time-consuming. I’ve never been much of an actress, but my sisters were involved with a local theater group for many, many years. I’m always amazed at how they can put on a performance with minimal props/sets/lights and it is their acting skill alone that really pulls you into the story. I love the simplicity of their performances that puts the focus on their talent. 🙂

    • Thank you! They really are a wonderful combination! It’s so hard to find that right balance of life fulfillment, blog, family, and everything else. Actors make magic happen! That’s the only explanation for how they manage with so little else put into the production!

  3. Fun post and inspiring. I want to make those yummy goodies and start learning theater lines. Way back I did little church play roles. So fun. Follow your dreams!

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