1. It seems like the music scene gripes are the same in every genre and location! “Waaaaah, There’s nothing to do…” “Oh yeah, well you need to get off the couch!”

    Obviously I agree with the latter — keep fighting the good fight!

  2. First off, these are such great pictures! And you are right that TOHO doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I had no idea the arts were so big in Torrington, we have nothing going ton this Sunday, we’ll have to take a trip through town. I support local art here in New Milford whenever I can, the art is one of the many things I love about this town.

  3. Robin

    Here I was, looking for a blueberry recipe when I came across your comments about TOHO! Holy crap, it’s true, there ARE people out there who think this is such a dumb idea. All I keep thinking of is, “Torrington’s a “HO”? And if I lived in Torrington, I’d be mortified. I live in Harwinton and still feel embarrassed for Torrington. I do not believe there are a group of artsy/fartsy people in NYC who can think of nothing better to do than “head to TOHO” for the weekend.
    Okay, I’ve said my piece, now back to a blueberry search~

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