1. I was so looking forward to this recap! I saw your pictures with the hashtag and couldn’t figure out what the “RH” stood for. (Duh – blonde moment).
    How great that you got to meet Jenny and the others and it sounds like an amazing trip and experience. I also turn into a blubbering fool when I meet anyone famous.
    Loved the tips you shared on social media. GUILTY of it – and can’t believe I am so “one way”. Will incorporate that open conversation thinking into future entries!

    • Ha! Not a blonde moment–I would have been stumped, too! It was a fabulous experience and you’re right, we all could learn from the Twitter panel. I need to get much better about not just shouting things out at people and running away.

  2. You recapped the day beautifully! It was just what I needed! I returned completely recharged, inspired. I think you missed your calling as a travel guide through NYC! I’d have been completely lost without you! Looking forward to next year’s open house to do it all again! xo

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