1. I’ve definitely had the experience of feeilng more connected to New York-based or Boston-based authors since those are both places I’ve lived! Even just a mention of somewhere I’ve been, or can picture, makes me feel more into the book.

  2. Carrie, maybe we’ll see each other in Starbucks sometime! Yes, I live in Connecticut–and I’ve set all my books here. I’ve written two as Maddie Dawson, this one and The Stuff That Never Happened…and three as Sandi Kahn Shelton. What Comes After Crazy takes place in New Haven, A Piece of Normal in Branford, and Kissing Games of the World in Chester. I live in Guilford right now…and although it’s not my “home state,” (I’m from Florida and California) I’ve come to love it here, except when winter goes on for nine months, as it did this year!

    Glad you liked the book…and also glad you don’t have anything in common with Rosie. Her life was a little bit harder than most, I think!

    • I’ll be on the lookout! I definitely need to pick up your other books now. Love it when there’s something to relate to–and that it’s not my life is a mess. 😉 It was so kind of you to stop by and comment–thank you!

  3. I love when you find that connection with a character, and I love the familiarity of books that take place where I live, Chicago. I thought Connecticut was the perfect place for Rosie, I’m not sure why exactly, but it suited her. You should look for Rosie at Starbucks!

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