1. This is such a great point! I feel that way about pictures constantly. Do I really need 10 angles of the same shot? I love just having a few pictures of my childhood, because I can hold on to them and treasure them. Who needs stacks of CDs (because in our house pictures don’t actually make it into albums)? Thanks for the food for thought!

  2. I love this post! I want to make the entire thing my Facebook status (which, maybe defeats the purpose?). I’m also guilty of documenting the little everythings on social media and I’ve made a conscious effort to pull back and retain some of the privacy and mystique that once existing before life went digital. As an attorney who has read people’s emails as part of discovery proceedings, it’s scary to think of all the silly things I typed in college and sent off into the universe without a thought for my future self much less my future children! I also wonder if today’s kids won’t turn out as warped as child stars of yore since they’re growing up hyper documented and with cameras shoved in their faces and every thought, feeling and action either validated or ignored by the masses…or maybe future child stars will just be better able to handle it? Random musings…

  3. Love it! You are right – my online footprint would be an excellent record for my kids to know what I was thinking, doing, etc… really if you count twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr… they’ll be able to track my every thought and move.

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