1. Bobbie Jo Tenbrink Acker

    My favorite tradition is the family meal and of course my Mom’s coleslaw!! It just isn’t Easter without it

  2. The comment about how your parents go crazy with Easter egg hunts for the grandkids cracks me up!

    My favorite Easter tradition is leaving little Easter goodies for my roommates — which these days is just my husband, but used to be a lot more people!

  3. David

    My favorite recipe is the peanut butter bunnycakes. Not only are they cute, but the kids would have fun making them.

  4. Maggie Wallace

    My favorite recipe from the site are the peanut butter bunnycakes! What’s not to love, they are so adorable.

  5. Betty Grayce Gay

    My favorite thing about Easter was that Mom always dyed some eggs without the shell. They made the potato salad and macaroni salad so festive. They also made a colorful egg salad.

  6. Terry Maigi

    My favorite Easter tradition is every year we have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house! It’s so much fun because even the adults join in!

  7. Donna Beebe

    Easter to me is a risen Lord, hope, grace, new dresses for church, glorious flowers and trees (especially the dogwoods), egg hunts, filled baskets, brunches, family, and Southern gals finally adorned in white.

  8. Kelly

    I started doing an Easter Egg hunt with my son last when he was 2. It will be even more fun this year when he understands a little more and my second son will be old enough to participate.

  9. Kelly

    This pie looks amazing though I’m not one much for really rich chocolaty taste.

    My favorite two Easter candies would be coconut eggs and cadbury creme eggs.

  10. My favorite Easter tradition is making an Armenian Easter Bread for our Easter brunch. It makes three loaves and I bake it the day before. So, we always “taste-test” a loaf out of the oven, I mean, we are all about quality control. We try to control ourselves beyond that and save the other two for the next day. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

  11. 5 stars
    Oh my…I got so caught up, I forgot to tell you…this pie looks outrageously delicious! Those Reese’s peanut butter cups are one of my favorites too….this pie looks decadent. I’m pinning now because I know my family would go nuts over this for our Easter brunch!

  12. Monica Kirkham

    Easter baskets are my favorite Easter tradition… Little known fact: My mom spoiled my brother and I with the biggest and best Easter baskets that she enjoyed making them for us well into our twenties, until I had 4 kids… then it wasn’t about “ME” anymore… πŸ˜‰ I love to pass on the tradition, however!

  13. Monica Kirkham

    I love the Easter Bunny Egg racers… I might have to try it. However, my son is allergic to PB, so we’ll have to try out another type of egg… perhaps marshmallow eggs?

  14. June Lisle

    My favorite Easter tradition is reading the Bible with my husband. I also like buying candy the day after Easter for the sales.

  15. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I love attending Church as a family, then enjoying a delicious meal together. It’s also lots of fun to see the kids hunt for Easter eggs.

  16. Marnely Rodriguez-Murray

    5 stars
    Love going to church with family and then getting together at grandparents house for a big feast!

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