1. YUM! I think I’d throw some crème de cacao liquer in there and make an adult version!
    Great review. I fumble with new machines too, so this sounds like a winner!

  2. Why doesn’t whole milk steam? Is that true of all machines?

    Just curious – I never use anything less than half-and-half in coffee myself, sometimes even splurge with heavy cream.

    The lowest fat dairy we ever have around here is unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk from Jersey cows – which is much fattier than store whole milk. I guess I could not shake it up and use the skim from the bottom…

    • You can steam whole milk. But it won’t make a nice, airy froth because the fats are too heavy in it for the froth to hold its shape. Personally, I’m a cream girl in my coffee and I usually don’t have anything less fatty than whole milk in the house, but if you want the froth of a cappuccino, you won’t achieve a nice froth without skim or lowfat milk. Sad, isn’t it? Lattes, luckily, only require steamed, not frothed milk.

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