1. I love your sneakers and laces! Very Lilly Pulitzer! and the colors alone would cheer me up.
    So proud that in spite of not really wanting to, you did lift yourself up and get yourself to the gym.
    And HUGE kudos for doing it with a cold!
    I try not to make resolutions – because then I feel guilty and anxious when I break them, but I have resolved to cook and clean a little bit more. The blogosphere, whether reading or writing, has caused me to drop the ball in those two areas.
    My husband is actually the chief cook and bottlewasher in the family, but he does deserve weekend breaks, and I want to step up to the plate more.

  2. I’m really proud of you for getting out there and getting after it! After all instead of saying “Oh I can’t run so I’ll do nada”, you walked. That is really something to own; knowing that you found a way to get moving when your go-to wasn’t an option. Great job! I always turn to focus about how I’ll feel AFTER my workout to motivate me to get going. I almost never regret a workout, but I often will regret missing one!

  3. This is an awesome step to take, good for you! I’m not a resolution fan either because of the same reason – I know I’ll be frustrated with myself when it’s not met, but this sounds like you’re making really realistic goals for YOU and you can do it!

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