1. Oooooh…I LOVE these! They remind me of these Key Lime Cooler cookies that were always in this gift box of oranges my Dad sent us for Thanksgiving! There were only like 8 tiny cookies in this little box, so we tried to savor them! I am with you….not ready for the cold. I’m pinning these to make soon…I know my family is going to love them!

    • If you want to freeze them, I recommend scooping them out onto a lined baking sheet in a single layer (and not rolling in sugar!), then pop in the freezer. Once the cookie dough balls are frozen, place them in a zip top bag for storage.

      The only potential issue I foresee is getting the granulated sugar to adhere to the cookie dough balls if you bake straight from frozen. You may need to thaw them slightly before rolling in sugar. Also, they will take longer to bake and they won’t spread as much.

      Note: I haven’t tested this recipe with freezing and baking straight from frozen, but I have used these methods with other cookie doughs with success.

      Does that help?

      • Christine

        5 stars
        Thanks! Just made a batch and baked half of the dough. They were amazing! Love the crispy and chewy texture! I put the remaining dough in fridge and then decided to bake a few more after the dough hardened. The sugar stick fine but yeah did take longer to bake and not as spread out. Will see how the frozen ones do another time. 😀 One thing I did differently was to convert the flour and sugar into grams by looking up the conversion online. I used a measuring cup while scooping and compared it to the weight. I guess I must have compacted the flour a lot because by 2 1/4C I had already reached the supposed gram weight for 2 3/4 cup. ^_^;

        • Oooh! Thanks for the follow up! Yeah, we really should be weighing ingredients with baking because it’s so much like a chemistry experiment. Ratios matter! It’s amazing how compacted and heavy a cup of flour can get!

          Glad to hear you liked them!

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