1. Anna M. Lavender

    That was a wonderful reveal! Thank you for sharing. I have always felt that way, always on the outside, the klutz. But I know that I am so much more. So are you 🙂 (not saying that you are a klutz). Speaking in front of people is nerve racking because of our own doubts. I have had to speak publicly, minus a drink or 2, and it was unnerving. But in the end I always got kudos. Keep up the good work! I want to hear your poetry.

  2. Carrie, this was wonderful! You would be surprised how many of us can relate to what you are saying. Fading into the background has even overtaken my wardrobe, which has a lot of black, some navy, very few things that would draw attention in a crowd. My point here is that you have written a beautiful piece that speaks to the heart of the reader, while sharing your heart and feelings. Well done! You have a lot to share so don’t hesitate…keep writing!

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