1. Lots of things I noticed – gorgeous ladies, scrumptious looking food, but oooooooomg that purple mixer – LOVE. And seriously? What is up with Buck’s County being so awesome!?!

  2. This looks like an amazing event! And not just because of the food.

    . . . okay but also maybe because of the food. Breakfast parfait with lavender sugar? I’m jealous!

  3. Jen Seiderer

    Wow, what a great experience you had! Thanks for writing this recap that makes me feel like I was actually there. I hope you get to do it again next year and at least once before then!

  4. Jenny

    OOoooo this looks like so much fun!! I would love to do this some day! I wanted to dive into that picture of the rolls, and then frolic in that lavender infused sugar!! (those heart sunglasses!! Tres chic!!)

  5. J Timothy Quirk

    What an event, Carrie, in Bucks County PA! Sounds like an adventure, almost a “bloggers retreat!” very cool

  6. Wow this looks like such a great time! I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself and got to meet some lovely ladies from the online world IRL. All the food looks so yum I’ll have to look out for this event next year! I know a handful of foodies!

  7. So glad you and brandy were my roomies for the weekend! You put the whole trip into a beautiful words and have managed to encompass all of my feelings as well!

  8. Carrie it was so great to meet you after reading your tweets! LOVE that photo of you and Sunny. Hoepfully we will have more time to talk next year!


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