1. A fire show? Heck, that alone is worth the trip.
    I’ve lived in two towns all my life and consider both “my hometowns” – I know how wonderful it is to appreciate them!

  2. J Timothy Quirk

    Main Street Marketplace in Torrington is fantastic. You’ve captured a lot of the excitement with these photos, Carrie!

  3. What beautiful pictures…and um, a fire show?! That is crazy! Talk about entertainment. I am a HUGE fan of these local markets. What a great way to rejuvenate a town, and bring people together.

  4. Jenny

    I want to go to this SO badly! I think Im going to convince the other half to take me this week! I Loveeeee your blog, Carrie! Always awesome! 🙂

  5. Jen Seiderer

    Oh wow, I had no idea this existed! We’re definitely going to check this out because we’re just in Simsbury,

    • The fire performances definitely draw a good-sized crowd and the kids always love it. They also have performers walking throughout the crowds; last time, there were 3 people in costume on stilts. Lots of fun for the whole family!

  6. I SO SO SO Want to go to this! maybe next Thursday….

    We always look forward to Village Fair Days in New Milford- and it’s THIS weekend!

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