1. Jenny

    I am sooooo jealous!! Sounds like you had an amazing time. This was a great insight on how much it takes to put together a magazine. I had no idea! I love that the test kitchens were made similar to the average kitchen!

    • There was a time in my life (not so long ago) when I was hoping to break into the publishing world–magazines, in particular. I had no idea what that world was really like! It was definitely an eye-opener. Isn’t it great that they do their best to ensure their readers can actually use their recipes?! Love that!

  2. Carrie…you captured the day so beautifully! Love your photos and your article is so well written, covering so many great details of the day! It was so so great meeting you this week and I’m super excited to meet up again this summer!

  3. Cookbook Create

    Great behind the scenes photos. You captured the day perfectly!! Thank you for coming all the way out from Connecticut to join us.

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