1. OMGosh, Carrie… You made some really wonderful treats with that starter! GREAT JOB! Sort of reminds me of feeding a plant…which I have NO talent with. Let’s hope that if I win, my starter and I have a loving relationship. I need those waffles in my mouth! 🙂

  2. I’ve killed every sourdough starter I’ve attempted to start on my own! It completely alludes me. I’m so intrigued by sourdough waffles & pancakes. I’d love to be able to try them. Even if I don’t win this kit, I think I need to just buck up and order a sourdough starter!

  3. it is a toss up between the classic sour dough and the pizza crust. I have been dying to try a sour dough starter…thank you for the intro to this great product!!!

  4. I am German, so sourdough is in my blood. I would probably make a nice crackly loaf of sourdough bread and scarf it down with some plain butter and a beer. Excellent post, btw, and great photos!

  5. gina

    5 stars
    I LOVE Sourdough. The last place that I worked, I made the breads for the restaurant and left them with my baby (Sourdough starter) I learned that they neglected to feed it and let it die! How sad! Now I have to start all over again.

  6. Kaylie

    I’ve never been able to get a starter going properly either- so happy to hear the fresh starter is available!

  7. I’ve always been intimidated by sourdough breads. I make all of my bread at home, but I’ve never tried sour dough. The starter sure makes it seem easy, though! I would love to try making sourdough waffles. YUM!

  8. Oh wow…I love sour dough! I had no idea you could do so much with it! If I don’t win this…I’ll have to order some because I’d love to make these English Muffins…and the pizza…and the waffles…and those beautiful baguettes… 🙂

  9. Holy cow!!! You’re new title is now “Sourdough Queen!” I dub thee. Seriously, you went sourdough crazy and clearly you now have no sourdough issues at all whatsoever. I am SO impressed! I am due to feed my starter tomorrow cause I haven’t used it in about a week and a half. I’m thinking Sourdough English Muffins are in order!

  10. Sarah L.

    I’d begin with a nice, old-fashioned loaf! I love baking bread and cannot believe I haven’t yet learned to do sourdough–it’s my favorite.

  11. Gayle

    I love bread baking but have also been so intimidated by sourdough. You make it sound (and look) so easy! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nicole G

    As someone who is petrified of yeast I would totally make sourdough bread (laaaaaame, i know) but the giveaway would take the risk if it all goes cabbash

  13. JanetinMaine

    I miss the good SF sourdough bread so I would start with a loaf of sourdough bread. Can’t get good sourdough in Maine for some reason.

  14. Maia

    Those sourdough waffles make my stomach ache, but gosh what I wouldn’t give to make my own sourdough pizza crust!

  15. Rosebud

    I just cleaned out a crock of starter that didn’t work. My family and I really love sourdough. Years ago I had a beautiful one given to me by a baker and I made everything with it. I lost it in a move and have never been able to get that wonderful taste again. Even the stores can’t match it. And I liked your idea of adding some rye flour to what would otherwise have been thrown out to make a stronger sour taste. That sounds really, really good. I’m trying to find a type of bread that we used to have when I was a child growing up in Germany. My father was in the Army. Their breads were so wonderful, so unlike what I’ve been able to find around here.
    Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps try the King Arthur way. Their recipes are super wonderful, that I know.

    • I’ve also read that the longer your starter sits between use, the more sour it will be. Perhaps that will help in replicating the starter you lost? Rye flour will also help with that, though I wouldn’t recommend changing over entirely to rye. Good luck!

  16. Rachael

    Looks fantastic! Love the English muffins and the rye flour idea. My first starter failed too, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing. This looks way easier!

  17. Sami

    I think I’m totally drawn to the sourdough waffles – how fun do they look. I also love the idea of making a bunch and freezing them for the rest of the week.

  18. Arlene @FlourOnMyFace

    I have my own wild grown sourdough starter for about 4 years now but I have wanted to try the King Arthur sourdough starter for a long time.I would try your sourdough english muffin first. Matter of fact I am going to pull my starter out and feed it right now so I can make them in the morning.

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