1. How wonderful! The treats look yummy and glad you had such a great turn out πŸ™‚ I would love to find out how to link up the food that is thrown out from restaurants and other facilities to folks in need. All three of my sons have worked at a very well know CT wedding/event spot and a beautiful high-end assisted living community, both places have chefs, use all fresh food to create wonderful menus and each day any food left over is thrown out. I don’t mean food left on guests plates, it’s the food that hasn’t been served yet. Pounds of fish, chicken, beef, lasagna, salads, you name it, all thrown out. I cringe as I think of the resources that went into growing and preparing this food, and it just gets thrown away. I don’t believe there is a lack of food at all! My sons have asked management why this is happening and they’ve been told this is what you “have” to do, hmmmm.
    I think there is also a similiar issue with getting locally grown foods into CT schools, you’d think that would be easy but alas it’s next to impossible!

    • They may want to try talking to their local Social Services. I bet SS could put your sons on the right track for who could use those leftovers. Certainly don’t want to see them go to waste! Don’t even get me started on food in the schools–yikes!

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