1. Hi Carrie, I think the coffee has to start hot and then cool for iced coffee to taste good. I just use my press, make a pot, let it cool and I’m all set 🙂

    • I think you’re right. The directions did not specify temperature and I was trying to be as true to the instructions I was given as possible, but I agree that more flavor seems to get extracted with hotter water. There are some who cold brew and I’m not sure how that works well… maybe I’m misunderstanding the process? But right now, I think your method will be my go-to answer for iced coffee.

  2. Thanks for doing all the work & research for us! I’m still using my Keurig, but I would definitely love a way to make my own iced coffee, that actually tastes good too! I spend way too much money at Dunkin Donuts!

  3. Ben

    Just got this for my birthday. No good instruction for iced coffee. I was thinking of try to brew it on the counter vs in the fridge. Do you see any advantage/disadvantage to this?
    I too really like iced coffee, i though this would be a good option to fight the bitterness of normal coffee.

    • I’d try on the counter, too. I had problems getting decent cold brewed coffee out of it, but it’s also possible I did something wrong. I’m thinking I may not have ground my coffee fine enough. Let me know if it works for you!

      • ben

        Had my first glass. Yeah, it’s like coffee flavored tea. I think you want the grounds to be course. That is what I read for other cold coffee brewers. I think I over filled the basket. Other people mention two thirds full. I may also try to “press” the carafe to get more juice out. Upon viewing reviews, it seems like the primula designed specifically for cold coffee acts more like a french press. When it has brewed long enough there is a device to express the liquid from the beans. Maybe that it what is missing. I added cream and some chocolate syrup to mine and it was drinkable…

        • There has to be a better way. I still think there’s an issue with the design in that the coffee doesn’t get wet all the way through. Dry coffee=no infusion. But I do love the pitcher for other uses… just not cold brew.

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