1. This is my absolute favorite way to prepare coffee. It’s a little bit of a hassle compared to other methods, but I think it’s totally worth it. I’m enjoying your coffee quest Carrie!

  2. i just want to share ideas

    This isn’t my original idea (i got this from various coffee forums).

    To minimize coffee grounds from going through the fine mesh of the upper chamber, you could try this simple “modification”. Get a small stack of standard, paper coffee filters for drip coffee brewing machines (any size will do); take maybe 5 filters and place them on top of each other and place them on a wooden cutting board or any surface that can withstand several razor-blade cuts. Take the ‘coffee basket’ from your stovetop espresso pot and invert it onto the paper filters. Then with a clean utility knife, X-acto blade (a brand of hobby knife), carefully run the blade through the stacked paper filters while tracing the circumference of the basket’s rim. You should end up with circular cuts of paper filters. Fill the coffee basket to the rim with ground coffee (with this modification, you can now use fine or even extra-fine grounds) and level it off with a flat, straight edge (a rubber spatula or bench/pastry scraper works fine for me). Then, place one (at most three) of your custom-cut paper filters onto your coffee basket, place it on top of the lower water reservoir, then carefully screw on the top chamber (making sure that the paper filters don’t move too much). Use a low flame to brew. This not only allows you to use a finer grind of coffee, but should effectively increase the amount of pressure required to push the extracted coffee oils through the central stem of the upper chamber.

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