1. Holy moly!!! Now those are what I call AMAZING! When I read the title I was expecting tortilla chips and I wasn’t sure what the toppings would be but this is SO much better than those other nachos. I’m Irish through and through and I looove me some potatoes so these are definitely my kind of nachos. Wow!

  2. WOW, these look delicious. I’m pinning to Pinterest, thank you! Also, you girls are very pretty and cute in the photo! So nice to have a good friend! 🙂

  3. Janet

    I loved your story about going back to school and finding your friend. I had the same experience in law school, and cannot et French Onion Soup or Spinach Salad with Bacon and Eggs without remembering our survival mechanism. And your Irish Nachos sound divine!

  4. Aneesah

    Well it’s my day off so I’m indulging in my not so guilty pleasure: devouring a romance novel. In the story I’m reading now, the heroine mentions meeting her friends at a bar that specializes in Mexican-Irish fusion. I thought to myself, “what an odd combination. There’s no way that food tastes good!” Then she goes on to say how she can’t wait to have some Irish nachos. “Ok” I thought, “now this author is just making this up…” So naturally, I turn to Google images, ‘cuz I’m a 21st century skeptic and that’s just what you do! I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that apparently Irish nachos are actually a “thing” and not just an over zealous romance novelist’s creation. That is how I stumbled on this recipe page and your blog and I am intrigued by both. This recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it. And because I love a good story, I also enjoyed hearing about you and your friend Anna. Thanks for sharing both, I’m sure I’ll be back!

    • I love that you happened upon my little place on the web through a romance novel… what a journey! 🙂 Irish Nachos are pretty much a made-up idea… I’m sure no one in Ireland calls them that! But they’re darn tasty and I’m glad you came by and read my little story on your way. 🙂

  5. Fiddleheadsbistro

    Truthfully…for Irish Nachos the potatoes should be sliced thin and deep fried so that they come out slightly curled.

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