1. Brenda Bartella Peterson

    Isn’t it astounding how people meaning to be comforting can say hurtful things. As you said, they just don’t know. They haven’t experienced what you’re going through. So pleased you have found some healing–it a process.

    • I think of that now when I come across someone else suffering. We want to be helpful and say something meaningful, but we’re almost destined to say the wrong thing. Better to hug and keep our mouths shut. Show up with food. Just be there. It was incredibly difficult at first, but it has gotten much easier over the years. Still a part of my memories, very much a part of who I am, but no longer crippling.

  2. While living in CA I had an Energy worker help me with a back injury. During one of our appointments he asked if he could do a constellation of my family. I went through everyone and he asked me if I had had any pregnancies that ended in a miscarriage and I answered yes, two. So he included my two miscarriages in my family constellation. I don’t know how to describe it in words but it “shifted” how I felt about those two pregnancies, in a good way.
    I remember how inconsolable I was at the time and am not sure exactly what I did or didn’t do to get through it. But I didn’t go to a support group, though that might have been helpful.

  3. Cheryl

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I totally understand finding your support online. I have as well. I don’t know where I would be without my online community.

  4. Thank God for the Internet. I always think that back in the “olden days” women had tribes of family and friends to help with the sort of issues we now face relatively alone. The web does provide us with some great communities where there would be none.

  5. I agree with Bay – thank god for the internet. I am so grateful that you found a group of women who were going through such a challenging time as well – I am sure that you helped them as much as they helped you…
    I look forward to checking out the book you reviewed…it sounds like the perfect way for us to learn how to overcome or appropriately manage the grief in our life.
    Thank you again for sharing your story…

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I have two children and cannot even imagine what it must have been like for you. I’m glad that you were able to find a group to help you heal.

  7. I, too, have found unlikely support online. While I’ve never joined a support group, I find that bloggers I’ve made connections with have been through similar life experiences and understand the need to write about them. Thank goodness for time, friendship, and a creative outlet.

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