1. Love, love, love a one-bowl batter! Plus this cake looks gorgeous with the glaze rolling along down the slopes. I am not even a big sweet eater but I want to run my finger right down there and scoop up that glaze. Yum!

  2. Kimberly at The Hungry Goddess

    This looks extreme – too extreme for me to share! HA! Thank you so much for contributing to the LOVE Chocolate board!

  3. What a stunning looking cake. It looks so very moist too! I also have never been a big fan of baking cakes but they sure are divine when you start to experiment!!

  4. The Ninja Baker

    Your Chocolate Chobani Bundt is poetry on the plate, Carrie!

    Love that every delicious high quality ingredient (Himalayan salt, Ghirardelli cocoa) in my pantry can be mixed in one bowl.

    Great job on the painting the glaze on the cake, too =)

  5. Amy Tong

    5 stars
    I love simple cakes, especially with just 1 bowl to wash. 🙂 This chocolate chobani cake looks beautiful and delicious.

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