1. I’ve never had vertigo (knock on wood) but I had a client who did and it was so bad he couldn’t work for 4 months and it finally went away. I hope you never have to endure it again.

  2. I’m so curious to know where you live.. my girlfriend came down with this exact same virus at almost the same time.. The poor thing was more than green if you get my meaning. She ended up in emergency (hours and hours) and was admitted so they could give her a drip and make sure the vertigo wasn’t something worse. Now she has to attend a “dizzy clinic” to retrain her inner ear to work correctly. I just can’t imagine having this right before Christmas.. it’s a very scary deal, I think. I’m so very glad to hear you’re recovering and able to have enjoyed Christmas with your family. xx Smidge

    • I’m in NW Connecticut. One of my co-workers also ended up with it and a former classmate has it, too. I’ve never heard of labyrinthitis before this year, but its making the rounds. Ugh. Luckily I’ve had a milder case, but even that is miserable. I hope your friend is feeling better soon!

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