1. Melissa

    Your filling combination sounds delicious. Judging by your pictures, I would say you’ve mastered the art of rugelach!! Great job. Can’t wait for swiss rolls next month!!

  2. Despite a messy experience, the end product certainly doesn’t look messy! They look wonderful. I love the filling peeking out from inside. I really like the pairing of chocolate and cherry in there. Yum! Glad you got brave and reattempted rugelach. I think they turned out fabulous! Looking forward to year number 3 of baking with you through new culinary experiences!!

  3. Kathy

    The first Rugelach I ever had was today. I picked up two cellophane wrapped of Cherry Chocolate by Waving Grains Bakery at the Oneota Co-op not far from where I live. It was made with all organic ingredients. My mom and I loved them! YUMMY!

    So right away I looked it up to find a recipe and came across your site. I noticed that yours are more rolled from a triangle-likeness and chunkier. The ones from the co-op were thin and cut fine. I look forward to making them and your recipe seems to be more like what I ate today. YUMM!!! loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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