1. I thought about y’all in CT when the snow started to fall. Here in Philly we got a light dusting that melted almost as quickly as it hit the ground. My family in Old Lyme – well, let’s just say Mother Nature is not on our holiday card list.

    Stay warm!!!!

  2. “…wait 5 minutes.”

    I tried explaining that to someone who wasn’t from New England and was met with blank stares. My instagram, twitter and facebook were filled with all the gorgeous pictures of snow [at least gorgeous to me, anyway, as I don’t have a car to clean off or a walk to shovel or icy roads to hope the plow gets to]. I’ve been down in Philly for 3 years and can’t seem to shake the New Englander out of me. I think I’m going to have to make my way back north eventually :]

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