1. I’m so glad you were able to source the quince! I wondered about this aspect of the book for people who don’t live in huge cities (like I do). I never have trouble finding things in NYC, but I grew up in southern Illinois in a town where even fresh mozzarella is hard to come by. I know that where you live isn’t quite like that, but it makes me glad that Emeril provides at least some alternative ingredients!

    • It’s easily overlooked that the things you can find in bigger cities are much harder to source in much of the country. At least there are alternatives available. If I had gotten desperate, quince paste is also available on amazon.com–where you can find just about anything! 😉

  2. Nice work Carrie. This was the second recipe I tabbed as wanting to make (the first was the ice cream sandwiches, of course!). Do you have to have a sandwich press to make this, or can I just use a spatula and body weight, do you think?

    • I made it in a cast iron pan on the stove, too, when I was impatient (and didn’t feel like pulling out the panini press). It works, but it’s not as thorough in melting the cheese. The pressed version was definitely better, but I wouldn’t pass it up if you don’t have one. Too good to miss!

  3. Kudos to you for finding all of the ingredients! I would have given up already. I think I saw quince paste (or jam) at our Trader Joe’s. But the sandwich does look really good!

    • The closest Trader Joe’s is 25 miles away…so sad! I verified again over the weekend and no, there is not a local source for quince jam. But the shop that I stopped at on my way home is a nice place to go anyway and not really out of my way, as long as I plan for it.

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