1. Regardless, of their cracks, their color is so vibrant and saturated. I didn’t try colors this time but I want to next time! So excited for eclairs

  2. I love your advice from the last time you made them as well as your incredibly creative flavor selections. I have to try making these next time I do macs or some time in the near future. Love love love what you did, even if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. 😉

    • From what I’ve been told since, it may be the carton egg whites that were the problem. Reading the carton after, it does say they can’t be used for meringues or angel food cakes, so it’s certainly possible. They still tasted great and that’s all that matters to me!

  3. These are stunning!! The colour is so bright and spring light … truly what is needed to brighten a winters day.
    And way to go for even attempting to make macarons!! I’m scared out of my mind, to just give it a shot – – I’ve heard so many times that they are so finicky, that I figured I’d leave it to the experts.

  4. charlotte

    Whenever I make something that “fails” – I simply rename it. For example, when my marmalade didn’t set, I called it “citrus compote”. Perhaps you could call these “strawberry crackle sandwiches”

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