1. You just don’t ever get a break but at least you can drown your sorrows in this tasty pumpkin bread. It looks absolutely amazing!! I want a piece right now.

    • My husband, who claims not to like pumpkin, even was taken in by the aroma. He walked in the door and immediately asked, “What smells so good?” Poor guy was crestfallen when he discovered it was pumpkin bread. Maybe I should have said it was just cinnamon bread? 😉

  2. Cars and computer breaking in one weekend? Oh no!! I am so glad that your oven was working properly because that is one beautiful loaf of bread. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!!

  3. Anna

    When it rains, it pours…=) Gadgets and automobiles crashing when you need them, sounds familiar. I share your sentiments. But nothing can bring your smile back faster than the aroma of fresh bread (okay, perhaps your little kid hugging you — can bring your smile back a lot faster!)
    I love that this recipe can be hand-mixed, because you’ll never know what gadget breaks down next, right? Thanks for this post!

  4. Maya

    Sounds like you had a pretty rough weekend, but al least you managed to get this post out despite it all. And I’m rather glad you missed Muffin Monday because this pumpkin swirl bread looks gorgeous!

  5. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Read your comment on the other girl’s site that you made the bars! yay! Glad you were busy baking and this bread looks awesome as do those cinny rolls in your last post. YUM!

  6. I think the pumpkin gods were steering you to make this bread, cause… this looks like Pumpkin Bread Heaven! Sending you the best wishes for car & computer recovery!

  7. foodwanderings

    This pumping bread looks awesome srsly the swirl and everything about itjust perfect. So happy to know you through squashlove bloghop!!

  8. Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves

    Love that swirl in the pumpkin bread. So pretty. I keep telling myself to make the pumpkin bread & I keep forgetting! Hopefully this is the reminder I need!

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