1. Seems like one can never catch a break when we need it these days. These cinnamon bars look like they would perk me up for a few moments while I took a little break from the real world though. 🙂

  2. Trisha

    Sometimes its hard to look for the silver lining, but you gotta trust that it is out there! Here’s to better days ahead! These bars look fantastic. I’ve saved them to try out soon!

  3. Linda Salamacha

    I lost my recipe for these so I was happy to find it on your site.I’ve been making these since I was a kid,when I was a teen I use to trade them for cigs. IOne cookie could get me two cigs.Of course mom didn’t know I was doing this. Jan 2 will be 19 years since I quit.

  4. Bill R.

    These look exactly like what my Mother used to make around Christmas. She didn’t leave a recipe behind with them, but I’ll be trying these out to compare. Thanks for sharing!

  5. melinda

    My grandmother also made these cookies. I thought she brought the recipe from Eastern Europe!! But it’s from Good Housekeeping or something like that from 50s/60s.

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