1. Ago

    Hi dear Carrie! Nice to meet you! 😀
    I received a visit from your blog and so here I’m! 😀
    I was so honoured to read about my cake!

    It’s beautiful, but I understand your questions

    – a packet of baking powder is 15 grams
    – about the oven: I used a static one and 350 degrees are ok!!!
    I don’t know how is coconut oil, but next time try to use clarified butter!

    However, very very good job! Delicious!!! 😀

    • Thank you for stopping by–and for answering the question as to how much exactly a packet of baking powder is! 🙂 Coconut oil can often be substituted for butter in baking, hence my use of it. Perhaps I should try clarified butter next time. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Mink

    Ah-hah, at last an answer to the baking powder packet conundrum.
    Thanks so much, I’ve something to work with now.

      • Nicole

        Italians eat cakes like this for breakfast, not dessert, and their tastes aren’t as sweet as Americans in that regard. We would definitely not substitute coconut oil for butter, as real butter in moderation is considered healthy. You did a great job with the translation! Amazon has the packets by the way.

        • I don’t have a problem with butter. I’m a huge fan of it, especially the good grass-fed Kerrygold kind. But I can’t share someone else’s recipe verbatim (not only is it wrong, it’s illegal), so I needed to do some sort of adaptation and coconut oil is a healthy fat, too. But that does make sense, on the difference in preference for sweetness and when a cake like this would be served. Thank you!

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