1. You did chocolate pasta too!! Awesome!!! This looks awesome and I’m not suprised that the chocolate pasta works well with the tomato sauce. I found the pasta wasn’t really sweet with the addition of cocoa. Love love love your post!

    • I really wanted to make dessert ravioli, but so many things came up that I didn’t get to it. I will, though. Definitely surprised that the chocolate pasta wasn’t sweeter, though I guess it makes sense since there’s no sugar in the dough. I bet your dessert lasagna was delicious!

  2. Julia

    Pasta = my all time favorite food. Chocolate = close second. I’d pair this with honkin spoonfuls of peanut butter and LIVE on it. Chocolate pasta, oh my word, you’ve outdone yourself!

  3. Gina

    Guess what I am doing this weekend! I saw a picture for this in a magazine and thought I should get back to making some pasta, what a great way to start. Thanks!

  4. tiffany

    It doesn’t really surprise me that chocolate would work with pasta…there are recipes for chilli that include chocolate which tastes super good, I’m sure it would work the same way with pasta sauce.

  5. […] pasta is available at gourmet grocery stores throughout the country, or you can make it pretty easily yourself (if you go this route, spring for the darkest, finest cocoa powder you can find). If you’re […]

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