1. Roach coach fare LOL oh yes indeed food truck have gotten a lot better. But sadly some people are living off the well earned reps of others.

    Some of these festivals end up being way to crowded for you to actually enjoy tastings. I am not much of a wine connoisseur either but am lucky to have a few wine stores in NYC which are helpful even to the budget conscious. Thank you for sharing, these ar the type of mini tours I love reading about

    • Every year I think I want to go to the local fairs–and every year, when I’m working my way through the crowds, I vow “never again!” 😉 Aside from that, it was a great opportunity. We have the Connecticut Wine Trail and at least four vineyards within 20 minutes of my house, but I never seem to find the time to go visit the vineyards individually. My favorite package store does taste tests, but not at the scale of this event. It was definitely helpful and I’m glad I went.

      As for the food truck, yeah, that was a disappointment. My favorite, Rocket, has vowed to stick with natural, locally-sourced (when possible), good food and I forget that not everyone has that dedication. You’d think for the prices Little Sister’s was charging that they would have had higher quality ingredients, but c’est la vie. Live and learn.

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