1. Hooray! Congratulations on your creme brulee. I love the vanilla sugar used in this recipe. I always find it better to bake with a friend. Good luck on the rest of your list! I took the Wilton cake decorating courses & loved them! You can do it!! Have a great weekend!

    • I can’t seem to muster up the courage for a real cake decorating class. Eek! I will do it. I let the whole world know that I do want to get better at cake decorating, so I have to, right? 😉

  2. Stu

    It is such a simple item to make but tell a person it is a custard and they get scared to even try and make. Once you have the basic recipe down anything and everything is possible as a Creme Brulee, my personal fav is a Egg Nog that i do during the holidays. Another trick i use is to mix 1 part brown sugar to 2 parts white and let it dry completely and then food mill it till(coffee grinder) it is super fine makes for a super fast melt and a deeper flavor in the sugar.

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