1. Pesky critters-everything has to be watched or it will be eaten! We have every animal you can think of here so growing anything is difficult. I will need to try this recipe out -the vodka and greek yogurt has caught my eye-and of course the awesome picture.

  2. Regan from Cabot Creamery

    I made ice milk just this weekend & used our yogurt in it, too… and wow. It made all the difference. (I did NOT however use Vodka…but now don’t I wish I had? 😉

    This looks super yum.

    Many thanks for the shout out… from our farm family owners to your bowl of strawberry goodness.


  3. Do you have any netting over your strawberries? The birds are usually the culprits with berries. I gave up on my raspberries this year due to not enough space to get enough berries (and they were taking over my whole garden). Now I just visit my father for his fresh strawberries, raspberries and hopefully blueberries this year. Anyway, he has netting over all of his strawberries. I was there last week and we picked at least a quart and enjoyed them. He complains if they are not perfectly ripe–really really sweet, but the rest of us liked them even if they weren’t that sweet.

    Good luck!

    • Getting some berry netting. I didn’t think I needed it for just 2 pots of strawberries that are located on the porch, but I guess I do. I’m sure the blueberries will be next without it.

  4. ahh… very berry… haha ha!
    it’s a sweet, pink & fresh ice cream! love it! 🙂
    congratz for the top 9 on Foodbuzz !
    greetings from Indonesia 😉

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post about strawberries, your efforts to grow them and the chipmunk. Your ice cream looks delicious. Your children would have a blast visiting a “pick your own” strawberry farm. It’s a guaranteed fun summer activity. Details on my website in my Summer Strawberry Chocolate Cake recipe post.

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