1. Heidi @ Food Doodles

    That sounds absolutely delicious! I’ve never even heard of canning with chocolate. Yum 🙂

    • I used to work for a company that sold dark chocolate strawberry jam for $$$. Making it yourself saves a lot of money! Granted, theirs was a little thicker (which I think adding pectin might help, but I haven’t tested it that way) but this way, you control the ingredients. I highly recommend it!

  2. I never added chocolate into a preserve it can only be good. I do believe adding pectin would help thicken this but I too prefer the slightly softer spread.

    I hope you do a follow up with onion jam because savory spreads and pickles are more my thing and I will be interested to see how you do.

    • I will definitely be revisiting the onion jam. Picked up more Vidalia onions today, just for that. It’s very time-consuming and I walked away at just the wrong time last time. I’ll have to be sure I have a block of time with no distractions for the next attempt.

  3. Socutefattyshop

    I love that book. Though you should deinfitely make sure your acidity is right strawberries generally need some lemon juice to bring them to a safe canning ph.Also, if you like a savory-ish application, I highly suggest stirring in some finely chopped basil and just a little black pepper when you take the jam off the heat. And you can sub in honey for sugar. It’ll be a little runnier, but I like my jam to be mushier rather than firm. Generally I’ll use old honey thats been crystalizing on the shelf a while. It seems to make a slightly firmer end product.

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