1. Lauren

    I think i have died and gone to heave. I love their whipped cream vodka….now you are telling me there is cake!!!???!!! Heaven. I am so on the prowl for this stuff. 🙂

  2. Victor thompson

    Thanxx for trying it out and a great review too! I just bought a btl of both vodkas,but mostly to see if I can come up with a birthday cake shot..like the birthday cake icecream flavor….adding milk seems to be the way to go but do you have any ideas of what else would work better??

  3. MoAllen44

    Can’t wait to try the cake flavor. Have you tried the cotton candy yet? It too is smooth enough to drink plain over ice and GREAT as a mixer!

  4. david

    wait till you try the new Pinnacle Gummy…it tastes just like those red candy fish (dont wanna have copyright infringement ) ill tell you right now it smells tastes just like them its delicious!

  5. Ashley

    If you were unhappy with the hard alcohol kick in the Pennacle cake vodka, UV as well makes one that is absolutely amazing. Im a big fan of Pennacle Whipped I use it in my white russians which is amazing, but UV takes the cake on this one (pun intended)

  6. Kristen

    I just got the pinnacle Cake vodka after some persuasion from the liquor store clerk telling me about the pineapple upside down cake shot. It is AMAZING! You put 1/2 shot of the pinnacle cake and 1/2 shot of vodka with just a drop of grenadine….My god, it tastes EXACTLY like a pineapple upside down cake! My family even said that it smells like its fresh coming out of the oven, and not too harsh! 🙂

  7. Kristen

    Oops I just Re-read my comment and i made an error! haha its actually,
    1/2 Shot of the pinnacle cake vodka
    1/2 Shot of PINEAPPLE JUICE*
    And just a splash of grenadine.

    (I’m sure if you mixed some more vodka with the cake vodka it would taste pretty strong haha)
    Sorry about that.

  8. i am trying to decide if I should send CAKE or CREAM to my sister for her upcoming birthday. And I can’t find anyone who taste tested Pinacle vs schmirnoff (although as a 40 something adult I cannot believe I actually want to try these college age flavors!).
    Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me??

    • I still have a preference for the Whipped Cream flavor. I have not tried Schmirnoff’s versions, but Pinnacle Whipped is pretty tasty. If you really want to go with the Cake flavor, then I recommend UV’s Cake–it tastes just a bit better, IMHO. Good luck!

  9. amy ratley

    I love the cake vodka- i mixed it with yoplait chocolate banana smooothie and it was awesome! ( but alot of calories) im going to try it with diet sunkist tonight!

  10. Christina

    Suggestion – combine 1 oz with 6 oz lemonade! It sounds weird but it tastes like a lemon cupcake! Make sure to shake over ice first 😀 I bet it’d be good in a martini glass with a sugar rim if you wanted to be fancy 🙂

  11. Ray

    I love cake and the whipped. I had no idea it was this good for others.. I love mixing these drinks for my friends and they love it because they don’t even know how they got drunk lol they couldn’t taste the alcohol. I mixed usually 4 ice cubes I filled a medium size glass of sprite and poured 1shot into it and mixed.

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