1. You’re post is great!! I see my head makes a cameo in your long line picture 🙂 As I read, I remember you coming in and then leaving and subsequently returning… Now I know why! Sounds like you and the kids had a great “sweets” adventure. I would love to do a bakery tour! What a great idea! Hey, if you ever decide to do that pizzeria tour, I want in!! We could make a day of it… I have a husband and a daughter that can do some serious damage on some pizza pies. Again, great bakery posts!

    • The Poet Herself

      It was a lot of fun, even with my slight lack of organization in the beginning. 🙂 For the next round, I’m thinking there has to be a lot of great pizza options… and more mouths to sample them would mean less waste, right? 😉

  2. Dear Poet and children — thank you, thank you for coming to CookieBar. I’m so sorry that we didn’t have all of our cookies for you (Friday was a madhouse), but glad that you didn’t leave empty-handed. I LOVE the picture of your daughter with a cookie in her hand, which is just where it belongs!

    Again, merci for making the long trip. Next time, I hope we’ll have more cookies and more time to chat.

    • The Poet Herself

      It was totally worth the trip even if the selection was slim. 🙂 Just happy it was such a roaring success for YOU! The kids enjoyed the adventure–and the cookies–very much!

    • The Poet Herself

      It was! I was a little nervous about taking the kids into the city by myself, but it worked out just fine. Midtown is pretty safe. 🙂 And all the food options?! I could get used to that!

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